6 years ago…

Just saw this when I logged in to #wordpress a little amazed. What started off as an outlet to share a very bad day in my life, turned in to something I cherish. I've had a lot of fun all these years dabbling in writing about music, books, Korean dramas,

The post is no longer available, but I first came to WordPress to share something that was weighing on my heart heavily. At that point in time, I didn’t know what to do, and didn’t want to burden my friends with an issue that had to do with my family.

So I turned to WordPress.

I had used Xanga, Easyjournal and the free webspace that University of Toronto gives students, but wanted to try out someplace new. I’m not sure why I picked WordPress over Blogspot, but I picked it and remained.

What started off as posts on stresses of life, slowly turned in to music, books, Korean Dramas, and then online shopping experience reviews. Then I turned completely to cosmetics…til I got back to what I have today.

I still write about my online shopping experiences when I can (have RW&Co, Annabelle, Nailpolish Canada standing by for future release). I still write about cosmetics (in part sharing my journey in finding affordable products that work for oily skin like mine). I also still write about music (as I share various songs on Friday’s as music is what helps me keep grounded). The occasional rant til appear on the side, even if it is only for a few hours. Not really much has changed except for the fact that I now write as though I am writing to friends.

That does create a problem at times, as my writing is more ‘lax’, and there are grammatical errors littered about the posts. However by writing like I am writing to friends, I have developed an appreciation and love for the blog beyond comments, likes, or stats. That isn’t to say I don’t appreciate them at all, it is just to say that I won’t be disappointed if they are low.

What am I trying to say?
Write because you love to, not because of anything else. I mean, if an author were to write merely because they wanted money, they wouldn’t last very long would they? So, write because you want to, no strings attached :)

Anyway, if you are reading this, I do want to thank you. Thank you for reading despite all my grammatical errors (and not correcting them like a PR company once did for me. Dude you supplied me to a bottle of lotion worth $3, I don’t think it was necessary that you did that…). Thanks for reading even when I rant (those posts don’t remain on the site for very long, but I find it very therapeutic). And thank you for interacting with me, through the blog, on twitter, or by emails. I appreciate them all :)

I’m also thankful for the brands that did take a chance on a small blog, and invited me to events in Toronto, or took a chance on me by providing me with material to write about. It was the only way I would have discovered some of them.

Anyway, here are a few posts from the past :)

Movie: Never Forever

Microsoft Zune (remember these?? lol)
Gradients for your nails…
Hard Candy Spring Lauch
Lump Summing Asian Eyes
OPI My Private Jet (which is still a fav of mine)
My first dip in to MAC Pigments…which started an obsession lol


8 thoughts on “6 years ago…

  1. Wow 6 years! Amazing that you have kept up :) I enjoy reading because your personality shines through in every post! Keep it up!!

    • My nutty personality -___- lol but THANK YOU M xD
      ps I’ve been researching gradients, and gold colours haha :P

  2. Happy to read this. I agree that we write as an outlet, desire to share our thoughts but can’t help but wondering sometimes why other blogs get more comments lol. Anyway, congrats again E for the fab 6 years

    • true~ but seeing as I don’t always comment on other blogs, I try not too take it personally~ If I don’t do it, I can’t expect others. but it is hard~
      anyway thanks A :)

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