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Wooo thanks #lorealparis for the giveaway! Can't wait to play xD #colorgenius#nailpolish#polishaddict#colourrichenailtrendsettercollection#instacollage#notacloudinsight#irangeyoujealous#crazyforchic#royaltyreinvented#membersonly#newmoney
I participated in Loreal’s Color Genius giveaway that they hosted on Twitter. Unfortunately the giveaway is done, and I was the last pool to win the new line. However they are available in stores now, so you can find them :)

Can't get these cupcakes out of my head. received the duo w my movie passes. They just barely lasted the trip home for these shots lol #yummy#cupcakes#redvelvet#caramel#sweets#queenst#dlish @dlishcupcakes
On Sunday, I headed to Dlish Queen St to pick up movie passes that I had won through Twitter, and also received a gift of two of their cupcakes. The day I posted this…I only had half the red velvet left. And that was me showing restraint. Otherwise I would have devoured them on the way home that Sunday lol

Who says you can't look pretty while doing a #claymasque?! lol thanks #farleyco for the #montagnejeunesse pampering session tonight :) #bbloggers
About a month back, I had the opportunity to check out the Montagne Jeunesse event hosted by Farley Co (which I mentioned HERE). I figured that my skin had been acting out a bit, so I slapped on a masque that I received in my swag bag. I figured that if I’d take a picture for Instagram, I should at the very least make my lips pretty lol

Shared this on the blog today. Really scattered but still very pretty in its own way #nabi#3Drainboweffect#holo#holographic#oceanblue#nailpolish#nailaddict
A new Holo polish that I have added to my collection. It is the Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect in Ocean Blue. You can see more pictures HERE.

Made a minor detour on the way to school today. Picked up a bunch of #tights from #ardene #outlet 10/$10 on #dundas#dixie#mississauga
Made a detour at Ardene at the Mississauga (Dundas and Dixie Location), for socks. I had worn ankle socks that day, but they kept sliding down my heel. I ended up picking up a BUNCH of tights and knee high socks for $10, as they had a 10/$10 promo for some items (tights, socks, some accessories). There was also 5/$10 (flipflops), 3/$10 (like bags, shoes), and 70% off clothing. If you are near the Orfus road location, the clothes would be cheaper there, as they are running a 80% off the whole store promo. If you want accessories, then the Mississauga one is best, but there isn’t much in terms of rings or other accessories.

Last night at Crepe it Up, (Church & Wellesley). #nutelle#crepe#dessert#toronto#food#yum (w @watercoloursky & @babybubblz)
I met up with Watercoloursky and Babybubblz for food and chat time. Tried out Crepe it Up for the first time. Not too bad at all~ Plus it satisfied my cravings to have crepe :) As a side note, if you DL the App to your phone, you get 15% off when you check in~

Do you suffer from crushed fruit/vegetable woes? Them these might be something to consider lol so cute xD #instacollage
Was at Kitchen Stuff Plus, and saw these guys. They made me laugh as they are so…ridiculous? Yet handy for a lot of people.

One of my students brought in #cupcakes for the tutors
One of my students celebrated a birthday today. The student had to come in for exam prep on their birthday. Hard times! To cheer up the day, the student brought in cupcakes for the tutors :) So sweet xD


2 thoughts on “Last Week on Instagram…

  1. They may seem goofy, but boy are they ever helpful! Thanks for the mention, and we honestly can’t figure out how you could resist that whole Dlish red velvet cupcake in one go. We’d likely eat it and the wrapper in one bite.

    • Thanks for stopping by :) my friend who took the picture for me while I held them, swears by them. But it was the first time we had seen lettuce so it was pretty funny :)

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