Hey all~

As this posts, I will have started my 8 hours of tutoring highschool students…long day, but will be fun as my students are all fun kids.

So I did say I would have a mini giveaway…it was supposed to be at the end of May…but -___- life happens. Plus the prize I had…well it is more appropriate for the colder weather, so I’ll hold on to it for a little while longer.

Up for one lucky duck will be the 6 piece China Glaze set

Must live in Canada
Leave one comment telling me your favourite colour/shade/hue whatever
Include an email address in the form so that I can contact you
Understand that I will need your address to have the prize shipped to you

If you have won, I will send an email. You must reply within 48hours or I choose another winner.

This giveaway will end next Sunday, June 16th

Usually my giveaways are only open to previous commenters/followers on various social networking sites, but this time around I did leave it open to all. It would be nice if you follow me somewhere, but I’m not making you.

In the event that the kit is sold out when I select a winner next Sunday, I reserve the right to select something else within a $25-30 range (I’m hoping that things will be okay though, its a really nice set!).

*This giveaway is sponsored by my own funds. I guess seeing as I won a few things recently as well, a way for me to put back some of the good out there :) *


26 thoughts on “well…well..well…

  1. Just found you through Twitter’s suggested people to follow, as I try to follow local Toronto bloggers. And now I have a lazy Sunday to look back on your archives.

    Personally, I change my polish every week and even though I try to switch it up with different colours, I usually end up going back to white/neon yellow/black, my favourite colours.

    However, with so many of my friends getting into the Blue Jay season, Essie’s Butler Please blue has been in my regular rotation as well.

    I looked at your previous post and photos at the China Glaze Blue Sparrow, and I’m glad you had close ups because it did look a bit weird. Still, it’s something that I would love to try because it’s kind of a Blue Jays blue with sparkles.

    Anyway, thanks and consider me a follower!

    • I try to change my polish frequently as well~ Currently trying a gel polish and have been dying that I haven’t changed it in over a week lol
      Anyway thanks for entering! Good luck :)

    • I have seen several pictures recently on Instagram…I need to look in to adding this to my stash xD
      Anyway…Good luck :)

    • Thanks for entering~ Happy Birthday is a LOVELy one! I don’t have it im my stash, as it goes out of the personal limit I set, but it is one I do want eventually :)

  2. I love glitters and lately my favorite is China Glaze I’m not Lion. I would love to try matte polish so this set would be great!

  3. I follow you on Twitter now :)) I am OBSESSED with nail polish!! In as many shades as possible! My fave is PINK – light, dark, neon, glitter, etc. Mint green comes in a close second! I would LOVE to win some more for my collection!! Thanks!

    • Thanks for entering Jillian :)
      I was never a fan of pink…but then pink nail polish started my small obsession with it! XD

  4. I love pink glitters. If removal wasn’t a pain Id wear it all the time! (Well, if my job allowed it as well haha)

    • haha yes~ The jobs do get in the way. My friend wears whatever she wants because she doesn’t see clients face to face. I hope my future jobs won’t mind too much :)

  5. My favourite polish… that’s a hard one… my favourite polish I won is midnight kiss by china glaze (a fine gold glitter) but my favourite polishes to lust over are holos :D Thank you for the giveaway and happy 6 years! :D

  6. I’ve read through your blog and I love it! :)
    One of my favorite nail polish colors right now is probably lavender :P I feel like it really flatters my skin tone!
    Thank you for the giveaway *___*!


    • Thanks for reading Marie :) I do appreciate it~
      Ah…lavender~ I’ve been doing a little bit of nail art with light lavenders and mints :)

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