Sake at Christie

Sake Sushi Bar
699 Bloor St W
Toronto, ON M6G 1L5

I can’t say that I have gone to all the Asian bars in Toronto, but this is probably my favourite of the ones that I have attended. I do not go here to specifically eat Sushi, but rather for its drinks.

One of the reasons I like going here is that the workers there are generally quite polite. Something that really that stands out to me. Not to say that they are rude at other places, but the workers here tend to smile more.

Sake Bar on Christie
Another reason is that they know how to treat their guests well. In that, I mean in terms of the extra free special anju that they have. I have had grilled prawns served to us, fried banana’s, chicken and other various meats. Sometimes soup. Basically I find that they are the best in terms of the extras that they provide. Which is nice. I mean it does encourage one to stay longer and enjoy the environment. See all that in the first picture? Yeah that was all the drinking Anju that was provided for free. FREE!! lol I mean we ordered a combo (drinks with a main appetizer) , and got this much. For some other places you usually order like two combos. Anyway for this night, you can see that we got sashimi (lower left corner). That was their service freebie for the night.

Sake Bar on Christie

Sake Bar on Christie

This is the infamous cheese corn. Usually its supposed to b cheesier, but its still pretty good when it isn’t.

Sake Bar on Christie

Anyway the environment is nice. A lot of seats, which can be arranged for bigger groups as well.


One drawback is the bathroom, and that there is only one female and one male. So depending on the time of the night, you might have a mini line up. However I do like that you don’t have to walk down stairs to go to one.

Anyway, it can get loud at times, as I think the crowd is younger. However as a place to drink with friends, have some laughs, and decent Anju, I would suggest you check it out~


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