Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Polish in Ocean Blue

*Products in this post have been purchased with my own funds*

I actually had another post scheduled for today, but I pushed it back in order to share this today…lol sorry original post :(

Anyway, I recently acquired the Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Polish in Ocean Blue, and needed to share it.

I love holo polishes, so it was no surprise I needed these when I saw it. The bottles look exactly like the Layla Polishes (look wise, but a bigger bottle). However the Nabi ones have finer holo shimmer in them than the Layla ones, and are far more scattered.

Smell wise, they are nowhere as horrible smelling as the magnetic polishes. They do have a strong acetone like smell to them (like when you smell it too close it does a weird burn in your nose if you know what I mean. But doesn’t actually burn the nose).

One issue I did have with my bottle of Ocean Blue, was that the brush was so hard and wonky. It became a pain to do extra coats of polish after the first, as it would pull at it.

I actually am testing out the Finger Paints Soak Off Gel polishes at the moment, so I couldn’t put them on the nail (I don’t have non-acetone remover >_<). Instead I applied them on press on, clear false nails. I used three coats on them, but you could get away with two.

The middle and pinky do not have a top coat on them, while the index and ring fingers are just the polish. I found that the top coat didn’t mess with the holo too much. Almost couldn’t tell.

(The colour isn't that green, just that certain lighting that I tried around the house made it look green)

Under my lamp
Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Ocean Blue

Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Ocean Blue

Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Ocean Blue

Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Ocean Blue
Nabi Ocean Blue on the left
Layla Ocean Rush on the right
They aren’t dupes of each other, but I wanted to show the difference in holo between the two.

Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Ocean Blue

Bathroom lighting (so lighting leans more yellow…)
Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Ocean Blue
Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Ocean Blue

This was with flash
Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Ocean Blue

You can check out more colours from other posters (ones who helped me to determine that I should try out a few) HERE and HERE (she has a more nail stick swatches).

Anyway, I won’t be able to post for a little while. Have two papers due next week. Crunch time as the first summer session is almost done. Not to mention I have been tutoring a lot during my free time. Highschool exam crunch time, plus the fact that a lot of my grade 9 students have been freaking out over the standardized math exam, the EQAO. Poor kids.

I will however have my mini giveaway posted on Sunday, which is unfortunately only open to Canadians. Giveaways on my blog are usually limited to just those who follow me, but making an exception this time with another rule instead. So if you are a reader, and Canadian, do check back on the blog on Sunday :) ps it may be related to this post~

Have a great day


11 thoughts on “Nabi 3D Rainbow Effect Polish in Ocean Blue

  1. Such a beautiful scattered holo polish :)
    I couldn’t tell which fingers had a top coat if I didn’t read the post which is great news since it didn’t dull the holo out !

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