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I went to Coxwell to meet up with a friend after her work, so we could have dinner together. I walked by this and thought it looked lovely. I believe it was an installation from last year? Anyway looked cool, right? :)

Had the pleasure of watching Mohamed make our #naan #traditional#handmade#tandoor#desi#pakistani#clayoven#food#yummy#loveit#InstaSize
I went to the Lahore Tikka House, which is basically our place to go after grabbing Pani Puri from one of the other stores on the street. I probably go almost once a month. One thing I usually love about going here are the male workers. They are extremely nice, and this day was no exception. As the weather is warmer, the outdoor seating area was finally open. My friend and I decided to sit there. From that side, you can see in to the Tandoor clay ovens, and see the Naan being made. Basically it is a spherical hollow in this oven. The Naan dough is flattened, and than placed on the rounded pad. A little water it patted on to the dough, and then slapped on to the clay of the oven. From there, the Naan puffs up, as the dough gets cooked from the bottom up. The Naan is extracted using long metal rods, so that the individual is not burnt by the fire. Basically a super cool thing to watch! One of the workers, Mohamed, saw me watching him, and invited me over to watch him make the Naan. Was quite the experience really! I was curious for awhile now, and this was the first time I had seen it happen.

Just a very short clip I took of it. You can see that the Naan is peeling away on the left side. They apply a little more water and press it back.

Walking up the stairs at TTC Islington Station

Had to kill some time at #rexall luckily the new #thebalm #instain #blush were finally in stock for me to play with xD #makeup#bblogger#cosmetic#muaddict#instacollage#swatch
A little while back, TheBalm released new Instain Blushes. Argyle, Swiss Dot, Toile, Lace, Houndstooth, and Pinstripe. They are $22US/$28CAN. A tad expensive, but they are really pretty. You can see more pictures on Google Images.

@javz_ was my first #sog #gelpolish guinea pig. There seems to be a learning curve with the #sensationail kit >_< but ill master it!! xD
I finally got to try out soak of gel’s on my friend J. I used Sensational gel’s that I got on clearance. I seem to be having troubles curing them, but think I got it down now (it is very important that you cure properly, so that you don’t have a reaction to it).


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