Zet’s Restaurant – A burger too big for my mouth??

A few weeks ago, my brother was feeling really nice…and offered to puck me up from school. I had been studying, and I guess he felt bad for me lol

Anyway he had originally planned to go to CN Dubbs, but as I had…my own thoughts, I decided we should check out another place he had recently gone to.

That, my dear readers, was Zet’s.

It is an interesting place, more like a truckers pitstop really, as it is somewhat out of the way.

It is located on Airport Rd.
6445 Airport Rd Mississauga, ON L4V 1S8
(905) 678-1114

Inside, it’s like a fast food diner, in the sense that you go and order, and take your meal to your seat afterwards.

There was a huge line, and the place did have some seats, but was relatively packed.

Pick your toppings…
Zet's Restaurant

Steak Plate
Zet's Restaurant

Zet's Restaurant
Our burgers waiting for their meat…

Waiting for them to grill…
Zet's Restaurant

Zet's Restaurant
awww yeah…

Zet's Restaurant
My brother told me to grab a knife and fork…I didn’t get why…

Zet's Restaurant
Zet's Restaurant
..until I sat down and tried to fit it in my mouth…

I couldn’t do it. Just wasn’t possible. Which is surprising for me as even if it is messy, I prefer to eat a burger with my hands. I had to default to deconstructing my burger with a fork and knife. Not as fun, but still very yummy!

Now the weird thing about this place is that it’s like…a custom of sorts to leave your trays on the table. I don’t understand why, but it is. So you will see people get up and leave their remains behind. There will be a worker who will come around to pick up and clean the tables. But it was just bizarre to me.

Anyway, it was a fun experience and I did like the burger. It’s funny, there happened to be a Zet’s drink cup lying on the road near my bus stop, and it TAUNTED me to go grab a burger -_-

You can read other reviews at Yelp.ca, and Urbanspoon.

*I was not compensated to share this post. Living most of my life in the Westend I only recently knew about this place, so I wanted to share*

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