Brushes on a budget…

A few weeks back, my friends and I had a long talk about MU. The favourite products (which sadly for the most part didn’t agree with me as my skin is oily), the time we released that using brushes makes a difference, to even a blogger we like (well, one I used to like).

I wanted to focus on the brushes part of that conversation for this post.

We were talking, and it was brought up by one that you need to spend money on brushes to get decent ones. Quality ones. Seeing as I do have a bunch, I had disagreed with this, and thought I would share my relatively affordable brushes.

Brushes on a budget
First up is ELF eye shadow brushes. At a $1 a pop (which I got at half price because of one of their sales a few years back), I have found that they are a great steal. They aren’t always very uniform in the shape, but they do serve their purpose. I didn’t feature them, as I totally forgot about them (they are in another brush case to guard them from dust…), but the ELF Studio brushes (black ones) are also very good.

Brushes on a budget
Ecotools, is another relatively cheap set that I love using. I first got in to Ecotools (and mentioned HERE). You can find Ecotools at Rexall, Walmart, Target, or the Farley Co website.

Brushes on a budget
Every Day Minerals (EDM) can be found through their website HERE. Their Flat Top Kabuki has been a staple for my mineral foundation routine since I bought them several years ago, which I wrote about HERE, and HERE. I have since bought 2 more, and use them almost everyday! Love them, really.

Brushes on a budget
The Body Shop brushes can be decent, especially the kabuki that I shared HERE. I got this during their 3/$30 sale, and haven’t regretted it at all. Soft, and does its job well. I have a few other brushes (shared HERE) from them as well. I don’t use them as often as they are rather long in terms of the brush handle (and the whole eyesight thing makes use of them difficult), but again they are soft, and work well.
You can find it HERE on the Body Shop website. It is regularly $25CAN, but wait for one of their 3/$30 sales to check it out.

Brushes on a budget
These guys are not readily available to you, unless you shop Gmarket or any other online store that offers this, but Skinfood Brushes are really nice, as well as the Etude House ones. They are on the cheaper side, as for both brands, each brush is under $10. For this post, the Eyebrow brush was 2500 won (~$2.50CAN) and the Etude House Duo Fibre was 8000 (~$8.00CAN). If you get a chance, check out a few reviews, and do consider checking them out. I would say you are better off checking them out in person if you can, as I found that my HG brow brush from Skinfood had actually changed their bristles, and made them longer. Still okay, but was a disappointment for me.

Brushes on a budget
Another great place to check out would be Strawberrynet. I bought this Shiseido brush for $8, as it was an extra 20% off. I find that it is fine, and precise. Love it actually.

Real Techniques Core Collection
A recent introduction to Canada, is the Real Techniques brushes from Pixiwoo (Samantha Chapman). I received a set from Farley Co (the Canadian distributer), which I spoke about HERE. I am showing the Essentials trio that I bought with my own funds (which is the purple, pink, and single orange brush below the full orange set). They can be found at Walmart for just under $20, and if you can find them, I would HIGHLY suggest the Core Collection (orange one). One of the brushes wasn’t as soft as I would like it to be, however they work really well for the price that they are offered at. The long aluminum ferrule is also a HUGE plus for those who have troubles trying to clean their brushes.

Brushes on a budget
A little more on the pricey side, as we would have to pay for shipping and perhaps duties, would be Bdellieum (“the B is silent” xD but out of habit I steal pronounce the B…). I was first introduced to them through Sparkled Beauty, and have bought 2 extra sets at IMATS Toronto 2012. I really would LOVE to add two more sets of the Yellow Travel Sets to my collection (which I wrote about HERE), but those are not usually asked for at IMATS so they don’t bring them over. But I do love the Travel line, as the shorter handles are VERY friendly for nearly blind people like me. I believe I paid ~$30CAN for the Green Bamboo line. Such a great deal really. The bristles are soft, and just so great in your every day routine.

Sonia Kaschuk is another brand that people rave about, and can be found in Target stores. Unfortunately I have a LE kit from her that just went haywire on me. Losing bristles all over the place, and the ferrules came loose. It wasn’t just mine either, as I got one for two of my friends, and they had the sale issues. Because of that, I haven’t tried new brushes, but I heard that the eyeliner is a good one to try out (regular line, and white handle).

The thing is, even if you do spend your money on brushes, you do need to make sure that you take care of them. You do not have to ‘toss’ them away like a friend of my thought. To clean brushes, (I have seen/have been suggested) MUA’s use dish-washing soap, baby shampoo, organic shampoos, and Beauty So Clean. Personally I go the baby shampoo and Beauty So Clean (picked up at IMATS Toronto 2012) route. I mean, my dad’s sister has brushes from Dior and Bobbi Brown that she has had from the early 90’s. That may be a little extreme, but she is a bit of a germaphobe, and takes really good care of them. Other than brush handle fading, they are still as soft. I would say the same about my brushes as well, except for my dud of a brush MAC 187. That little brat just kept shedding even with my careful washing…such a waste to spend all that money :T

Anyway, just wanted to share.

Do you have an affordable line that you love?

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