Pastel Stripes…

I used…
Pastel Stripes
American Apparel Butter
China Glaze Sea Spray
Quo by Orly Grassy Green Picnic
Essie Sand Tropez
Zoya Hermina
Art Deco Silver Glitter

Pastel Stripes

For this, I used the same Silicone idea that I mentioned in THIS post. Basically I applied polish to a silicone baking mold, let it dry, then carefully peeled it off. Applied to nail, and Voila! Nail Art :P

For this one, what I found was that the part that was attached to the silicone mold, dried to a matte finish. Like masking tape. So instead of laying it on my finger top side up, I flipped it upside down and applied it top side down. (I know…I suck at explaining -___-)

Once I applied it, I used the silver Art Deco Glitter to trace the lines between the colours on my ring finger. Just to give it a bit more edge.

Pastel Stripes
While I was pressing down, I ended up ripping the decal on the index finger. Which is why you can see the tear. I couldn’t fix it as if I did, then it would be left shiny, rather than the matte look it had.

Pastel Stripes
Overall not too bad. Just need to be quicker at placing things, and be more careful. It also didn’t last as long as I didn’t use a topcoat, in my effort to preserve the matte effect…but that was okay~ No biggie now that I have several bits of DIY nail decals waiting for me :)

*all polishes in this post were bought with my own funds, except for Butter which was passed down to me by a friend*

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