Daring to Play…with Cargo

I picked this up at the recent Lisa’s Cosmetic sale (which has since ended, and will have to wait til fall for the second one of the year…). I picked this up as well as a few other goodies that you can check out HERE.

I could see on the Demo palette that the EyeBase (primers) had dried up, so I knew I was basically paying the $10 for the shadows. What drew me to the palette was really two colours, but it didn’t hurt to check out the rest.



This palette was originally released by Cargo about three years ago. Basically it was to help simplify the process, picking a base, an outer corner colour, and then a pop.


I actually have their Eyebase (the one in the grey pen)… I liked it, but didn’t perform as well as the UDPP, and was more pricey for the amount of product.


Outer Colours

Pop Colours

In the swatches, you can see that the Outer Colours aren’t really that pigmented. I’m assuming they ‘dried’ out over the years. Anyway, generally if you use these guys you will need a good base for them. Over a base, these babies are pretty lovely. The Pop Colours are a little harder to tell, but they are pretty in their own way. I added the swatch over a black crème base (in this case the black crème is the Annabelle Smoothie in Licoriche).

In the swatches I used the Marcelle 24hr Primer in Primer Rose (which I received from the company and wrote about HERE).

I don’t regret spending the $10 I paid at the Lisa’s Cosmetic Sale for this palette. I really REALLY like the red/burgundy colour, and I like the light olive, despite the fact that it is rather gritty due to the small glitter.

You can check out more pictures of swatches, and EOTD’s HERE on Google Images.

Cargo Dare to Play
I really liked this one, and wasn’t too out there to wear for the day. And I didn’t look like I got punched either lol

Cargo Dare to Play
I tried it another way :) I really like the red shadow!

Cargo Dare to Play
I’m not usually a fan of purples…but this didn’t irk me too much. Should try it again in another way

Cargo Dare to Play
Used dry, and worked for me as I only wanted a soft wash of colour anyway.

Cargo Dare to Play
I should have blended more. Maybe that would have made me like it a bit more. Probably not though. My effort to have fun with the colours, make this look really sloppy :T I wasn’t completely sold so I ended up wiping it off.

Anyway, that’s my take on it…
I’m pretty sure that aren’t that many chances to find this anymore. Unless Lisa’s has it, or maybe Winner’s, but I do enjoy it. Just have to find the time and patience to try and depot it…It is a little too bulky for my liking.


2 thoughts on “Daring to Play…with Cargo

    • Basically. I think the Lisa’s Cosmetic sale buys stuff out, and then sells it there (ad probably holds on to it if they can’t sell it that year). Its one of the reasons why I try not to buy liquids at sales. You never know how old they are unless you can use the cosmetic calculator…

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