Checking out another eyeshadow transformer…

*The products in this posts were bought with my own funds*

Annabelle iTransformer

I picked this up as a special duo that was sold at Shoppers Drug Mart. I actually got mine on clearance for $3. That means that each product was only $1.50! Score! Especially seeing as they were being sold for just under $10 on its own.

Anyway, I had initially missed this while checking out the display at the Group Marcelle event in June, but was made aware of it by other bloggers who were excited about it.

Annabelle iTransformer

I had wanted to give it a try as well, but I had a huge bottle of MAC’s Mixing Medium, and Missha Sealing…so I really couldn’t justify spending $10 for one before but at $1.50 I couldn’t say no!

So what is so great about this?

Well it is different!

Annabelle iTransformer
Annabelle iTransformer
Annabelle iTransformer

It comes housed in a glass container, with a dropper. Now I wasn’t too sure about the dropper at first, but have come to accept the idea. I do think that I prefer the dropper like MAC and Missha, but this is good for its own way too.

Anyway, there is no scent, doesn’t dry too quickly.

Annabelle iTransformer
It suggests not to apply directly to your shadows, but rather to mix it afterwards.
What I wasn’t a fan of was the container. I always feel that packages should be filled as they are, otherwise it seems like I’m not getting my money’s worth. Before I used my iTransformer it was filled to the bottom of the E in the word iTransformer. Still, you don’t need much of it to get an effect, so its not like it needs to be filled…but just wanted to mention that.

Annabelle iTransformer
Left to Right
Applied with iTransformer and then dry

Wet n Wild Im Getting Sunburnt Trio Eyelid Colour
MAC Pigment
Milani Runway Eyes Shadow in Lily White
Annabelle Studio Pigment LOL

The iTransformer retails for $8.50, and can be found at various drugstores or the Annabelle Website.

If you don’t have a mixing medium for shadow, you should consider it, as it does have fun uses. Water often doesn’t have enough binding power, and won’t last as well as a proper medium.


4 thoughts on “Checking out another eyeshadow transformer…

    • actually I pick up shadow with a brush, and squeeze a drop of the iTransformer on to the brush directly. Let it soak for a second and then apply to lid. I have tried using another brands mixing medium on a shadow, after having wet my brush, and it screwed up the shadow -__- Was a shame as it was a LE shadow to start off with. If I didn’t brush the shadow first, I probably would scrape a bit off first. For the most part, I use my pigments with mixing mediums, so that I can use a metal palette to do the mixing.

  1. I’m glad you reviewed it, I haven’t even got around to mine. Seeing the comments before me, I’d agree that this would work well for pigments/ loose eyeshadows. Scraping off pressed eyeshadows isn’t not fun :)

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