Silicone…making nail art easier!

*Products in this post have been purchased with my own funds*

Silicone Nail Art

I had used stiff plastics to draw on with nail polish, but I found that I would have trouble peeling them off. They would rip and I’d lose the work that I did on them (this was actually first introduced to me through Deez Nails).


I know this isn’t a new concept, but I remembered reading that we should mix new colours of polish in silicone cupcake molds, as you can easily peel them off once they were dry.

Seeing as I do have one, I tried it out.

I turned the cupcake mold upside down and used the bottom, as I still wanted to be able to use the mold if it didn’t work out.

I used a few of the Sally Hansen No Chip polish to create a marble.

I tried to apply thin layers, that way it would be easier to work on the nail.

Just before I apply it (and after i have peeled the dried polish off the mold), I put a layer of a slower drying polish on the nail. Then I stuck the DIY nail decal on top of it, and cut off the side excess with a small pair of scissors. For the edge of the nail, I use my file to file it down, and idea I drew from the actual nail stickers you buy in stores.


I press them down well so that they stick well, and hopefully decrease the chance of bubbling.

Its been fun doing this, as I am not that great at free handing nail art. This allows me to expand my ability, and have fun with my nails as well.


I just wanted to share this video. If you don’t want to use silicone, you could design on water! Actually I might dip my silicone mold in to the marble to pick it up…not sure if it would be thick enough to peel off, but I may try it out. Anyway I liked this one because it shows the free edge removal on the nail. Instead of the orange stick, I just cut around it as close to the nail as possible, and then use a stiff brush dipped in acetone to clean up. Jenn mentioned in the comments about a video…and maybe I will try a video. I know there are a lot out there, but doesn’t hurt to have another :P We will see…doing videos aren’t actually my forte at all…so we will see~


5 thoughts on “Silicone…making nail art easier!

    • Not at all your fault! I didn’t explain it properly. I really should have proofed the post, but…forgot to :T haha…oh well…glad you got what I meant in the end :)

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