Chatting over drinks at Junko/Sushi Hana…

UPDATE! October 11, 2013
As of October 5th, 2013, Junko Downtown has closed up shop, and apparently moving uptown!
I actually do not know where exactly so I can’t post the details. So sad to have heard this the night before they closed. My friends and I have gone to Junko as our Go To Korean Bar, so it was definitely a heart breaker for me. Plus I’ll miss their Pajun. Yum. Anyway, if you are downtown Toronto, and looking for another place, there is Ehwa just a little north of Junko, and there is another across the street from Ehwa (which I haven’t gone to).

*I was not paid for the post, or its mention. I am merely mentioning it as it is something I enjoy doing, and wanted to share a Korea bar in Toronto*

Hey everyone~

Because it is the long weekend, I did want to share another place I like going for drinks and chatter with some friends.

591 Yonge St Toronto, ON M4Y 1Z4
(416) 925-3560
Yelp reviews is for Sushi Hana food, but I’ll be talking about their alterego Junko instead

Basically, this place is Sushi Hana during the day, catering to sushi and other various foods. During the evening, the place is more known for its lounge-y fun, namely a Soju bar called Junko.

I mentioned Chilsung HERE, but Junko is the one we go to when we are in the area. I have gone a number of times, and have even had my birthday here once as well.

The place is relatively large, not as large as Ehwa, but seats a decent amount of people. There are two seaters, 4 seaters, and then they can arrange an area in the back for larger groups as well. Probably could seat about 14 comfortably.

It isn’t too loud inside, unless people play their drinking games. Generally I found it decent enough that my 3 friends and I can chat without without having to yell.

Service is alright. Generally speaking it isn’t as bad as some, but not awesome. I guess it would be average for bar service really. No major complaints.

Besides, I don’t go here for the service…I go here for the Anju! This is number two on my Korean bars in terms of Anju. They have a decent variety, and is satisfying. They do vary a bit, as there are times they offer cheese corn, and other times they don’t (which one of my friends is addicted to xD), but they are always yummy to snack on while drinking.

These are anju’s from two separate visits. I had a few more but they were bad pictures that I took.

Once in awhile they will also have Service Anju, which is just premium anju that is free. So we have had sliced fried chicken, and soups before.

I would suggest the Kimchi Pajun here, as it is crispy, not too salty, and rather large for the price you pay with the combo.

I would also sugges their Dukbooki, and their spicy chicken (I think that was what it was called).

In addition to the food, I like going here because of the fact that the washroom is not located in the basement! A huge deal when a lot of places usually make you go down some stairs. Depending on the nights it can get a little disgusting towards the later evening, but usually well kept.

If you are in the area, and looking for a place to check out for drinkins, checking out Junko for their Combo menu~ it shouldn’t disappoint.

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    1. I’ve never actually gone here for real food, so can’t really comment on which one is more awesome :P but yes to anju date~

  1. If you guys are going on an Anju date, I want to come too! I’ve never been here and am always on the lookout for new places to try. :)

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