Goodies from Korea~

I just wanted to share what were essential items to get from Korea for my haul.

Goodies From Korea

The non-beauty items…

Goodies From Korea

I love the Daiso Gift Baggies. I use them for all gifts that I give. I find that they are more expensive here. The blue and pink one is only ~$1CAN for 24, and the clear white one is ~$1CAN for 40. Steal!

I also needed new pens. I usually use 0.34 pens, and these ones are actually 0.3, just a tad thicker than what I usually use. Really don’t notice it. I can’t remember how much these guys were.

These are the beauty things I got my friend to pick up for me…

Goodies From Korea
Goodies From Korea

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick ~10,000won
Innisfree Vivd Tint Rouge x2 ~10,000won
Etude House Soft Touch Auto Lipliner 1,000won
Skinfood Eyebrow Brush x3 2,500won
Skinfood Eyeliner Brush 3,000w

With those goodies, came samples of course…

Goodies From Korea

Will look in to using them, and see. I’m excited to see how the Green Tea Cleansing Oil will work (I’m a cleansing oil nut).

Anyway, I will be posting pictures of the tints this upcoming week (I Hope! :D)


6 thoughts on “Goodies from Korea~

    • I actually don’t, despite knowing so many Korean people! That is why I wanted my friend to bring back more for me, but the new changes for luggage made me restrict my stuff. And I didn’t want to ship it as it wouldn’t be a large enough package, and I was worried it might get lost on the way. I should have just done it though, as I am loving a lot of the stuff :)

    • haha I agree! You can write as messy as you want, and still be legible! Which is why I love using them~ Go thin pens XD

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