Trying out a new eyelid primer…

*I received this product for free from Marcelle for review purposes*

Oh man…I had meant to get this up sooner! I am so behind one the stuff I wanted to share that Marcelle has shared with me…

Anyway today I wanted to talk about the Velvety Eyeshadow + Primer.

Marcelle Eyeshadow + Primer
Marcelle Eyeshadow + Primer

There are 6 different colours in the line…
– Chameleon
– Mauve Obsession
– Primer Rose
– Silver Sky
– Smooth Moka
– Velvety Beige

They retail for $15.95. You can buy them online on the Marcelle website HERE

Now that that is out of the way…let’s get to the review!

This is Primer Rose

Marcelle Eyeshadow + Primer

Dries pretty fast in my opinion, so if you use it, you will want to work with it quickly. Once it is dry, I actually use a cream product over it, before applying shadows. I need it to give the shadows something to grip to.

As for the 12 hour claim, I have oily skin, that is a fact that has plagued me until I found relief in UDPP. I do find that though it does last a fair amount of time, I cannot claim that the 12 hour held up for me. At 6 hours I noticed a decrease in intensity, and some fading at 8 hours. Personally as long as things last between 6-8 hours I am usually good, as I hardly stick with my makeup for longer than that.

Marcelle Eyeshadow + Primer
Marcelle Eyeshadow + Primer

For the swatches I did not use a cream base of the primers. It is just the primers alone.
The upper part is primed with Marcelle’s Primer, and lower part is primed with UDPP.
You can see that the Marcelle isn’t as intense as UDPP, but it does bring out the colour better than no primer at all, which you can see in the middle of the swatches horizontally. Because the product dries so quickly, I think that was one of the major causes of why it wasn’t as intense as my UDPP primer.

So what did I think?
I love Marcelle products, I do. But I cannot really come to love this one completely. First off I found it a little expensive, so though I like the soft colouring it leaves behind on the eye, I probably wouldn’t spend $16+taxes to get more. Perhaps if they were on sale for about $11. The other thing is, that with the amount of product, I probably would (and do I guess, cause I already own them and have rebought them…) buy the UDPP for the extra costs. It lasts forever, and as I said, they do grip shadows better.

However, if you are just looking for a soft wash of colour, I would say that these are something you should look in to. It feels nice as the name states, so in that sense I have no complaints.

Marcelle Eyeshadow + Primer
I know the picture is blurry…it focused on my lashes lol. But look at the shimmer. Basically this is after 6 hours of wear, and this is Primer Rose under my two other shadows (actually the inner part is just Primer Rose. It isn’t actually really that white, must have been the lighting). The shimmer still looks great, without looking like I slept a night with my makeup on. So plus 1 for that :)


2 thoughts on “Trying out a new eyelid primer…

  1. Shame about it not living up to UDPP :( I’m really after a cheaper eye primer. I find Marcelle so pricey too. I feel like Canadian drugstores are getting so expensive.

    • I do agree that Cnd drugstore products seem to be getting pricey. I don’t mind too much as long as they work for me, because I do love supporting a Cnd brand. But this wasn’t one of them~ oh well. Have you tried the Essence one? If you have skin that isn’t oily, JilloJello loves the essence one I believe~

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