Instagram Update…

I haven’t done this in awhile -___- I keep forgetting to…or I don’t have enough pictures so that I don’t think it deserves a post. But having a post lets me write more about them. So let us get going :)

My first time~ was so big I couldn't bite into I resorted to deconstructed burger styles (knife & fork) lol #zets#burger#oversized#yum
I had my first burger from Zet’s! It was pretty good! But so big that I had to eat it deconstructed…meaning with a fork and knife lol In the future I really want to try their Souvlaki~ Smelt so good :)

Saw this #cute #ironman mini at #cineplexvarsity yesterday. Isn't it cute?! I want it xD
Isn’t this cute?! This was at the Varsity Theatre display…I want one!

Came home to this lovely surprise from Y-언니! My first #butterlondon#모디#아리따움#aritaum polishes! Also #hellokitty#missha#hardcandy#benefitcosmetics#cobigelow xD
After a rather hellish last exam of the semester, I came home to this. Thanks again DA/Y-unni :)

Dinner tonight is #회덮밥 which basically looks like a salmon salad cause I decided to cut back on rice tonight haha #InstaSize
This is my default meal at home lately (usually it is fried egg mixed in with rice). This is 회덮밥, which is just like Bibimbap, but with Salmon instead of meat. I usually am not a fan of veggies, but this is the one place I get more than the daily amount.

Wooo! What a nice way to start my week :) thanks to @macnunu and @shuuemura for hosting! #cleansingoil you shall finall be mine xD #beauty#luxury#contest#winner#XD
I won a giveaway! xD Still waiting for Shu Uemeura to contact me, but yay!

Couldn't resist! Bought random #snacks at #walmart #입이심심해#ivegotthemunchies
Got the munchies so I picked up a few random things at Walmart :)

Ordered early Monday, received just now! Nice turn around time @rwandco #rw&co#onlineshopping#spring#summer
I made my first online order with RW&CO, not too bad at all. I ended up getting sandals and shirts that were on sale~

#mjclay2013 #thevault #farleyco
At the Montagne Jeunesse event held by Farley. I wrote about it HERE

Can't wait to try these out. Ill look scary, but a sheet masque is always nice~ #MontagneJeuness #farleyco#MJclayspa2013 #InstaSize
The masques we got from the event :) Let me just say that it does really help in eliminating the annoying clay masque wash off factor.

My phone didn't capture the colours well so I filtered this one. But the #cherryblossom trees were lovely~ #highpark#InstaSize
I went to see the Cherry Blossoms with ItsCherz. It was nice to walk through, and check out the trees. They were falling, but we still managed to find a few trees that still looked gorgeous :)

See what I did there?! #haha#duckduckgoose#highpark#InstaSize
While walking in High Park, I saw these fellas. Had a good chuckle :)

Lunch w #엄마 #udon#sushi#katsu#InstaSize
Mom and I had an appointment to get our hair done, and stopped by New Generation on Bloor to have lunch. Let me just say it seems that their lunch special Udon always seems VERY salty. Mom ended up pouring her tea in to her Udon bowl. The couple beside us had the same issue and ended up asking for water. The Katsu was VERY oily…I ended up having to blot it. Usually I wouldn’t mind, but it was out of control >_<

Oily, but not bad...#Scarborough
I went to Sam Woo last week, with my mother and my dad’s sis. The food was oily, and the people who worked there kept addressing us not in English…but the food was alright.


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