Not So Subtle Changes…


My friend just dropped off the goodies I asked her to CP for me.

I was excited about the Innisfree goodies that I will mention soon, but other than that I was excited to have more eyebrow brushes.

You see, when I went to Korea in December of 2010, I had gone to the airplane bathroom to do my face before getting off. Seems that I left my eyebrow brush there. It had been my trusty Posh brush. I was pretty sad about it, but at least it gave me an excuse to buy one while in Korea.

Amazingly I found a great one at Skinfood Myung Dong. I love it. It was short, firm, and just overall a delight to use. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t end up buying a another then. So when my friend said she was going, I knew I HAD to ask for some.

Problem is that Skinfood seems to have tinkered with the brush since I bought mine two years ago *cries*

In the picture, the one on the left is the Skin Food brush that I bought before, and the one on the right is the new one.

The new one is overall about 1.3cm longer than the older one, plus the bristles are longer. The bristles being longer means it isn’t as firm as the one I have. The newer one is also not as thick as the previous one, which also decreases its firmness.

One thing they did not change is that despite the length, the bristles are still very soft like the old one. This is big for me as I hate the MAC brow brush because it is so scratchy! It may be nice and stiff, but when it’s so scratchy it really doesn’t make brow drawing very fun.

Ah man…was super excited about getting more brushes so this was a little disappointing. I have yet to try it out, so I still have some hope, but it wasn’t the same.

The brush is still a great price though. An eyebrow brush at Skinfood is 2500w, which very roughly is $2.50 CAN. I know I couldn’t find a decent one at this price at IMATS or the drugstore, so that is still a score.

Going to go wash the brush now (ALWAYS wash your new brushes!! I learned the hard way when I had a severe reaction to a brush I ordered once, several years ago. Still traumatized by it O___O), and hopefully can try it out by this evening~

*fingers crossed*

Always have a lovely Mothers Day!


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