Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa Event (Hosted by Farley&Co)

Montagne Jeuness

Montagne Jeuness Event

I was lucky to be invited to the Montagne Jeunesse event, which was hosted by Farley & Co. It was held at The Valut, located inside One King Hotel. Here I got to meet the lovely Lorry, whom I had the pleasure of getting to know through Batiste and Mesmoreyes!

As it was located in The Vault, check out this display in the saftey deposit box room…
Montagne Jeuness Event

Montagne Jeuness Event

Montagne Jeuness Event

Montagne Jeuness Event

Montagne Jeuness Event

Montagne Jeuness Event

We also got to meet Keith Rockhill, National Marketing Director.

Montagne Jeuness Event
Keith is the one on the left, in the white shirt.

During Keith’s talk, we got to learn more about the natural range masques that are known for its “scary face packaging” (not my words! Came from Keith’s mouth! xD)

A little background:
27 years ago, Greg Butcher, a committed vegetarian, initially created the line from his kitchen. He wanted something that was ethically sound, naturally based, and was vegetarian friendly. 20 years ago the packaging was glass bottles with cork tops. I would have been to young to remember it, but I can see that that would have posed a problem for people like me.

15 years ago, they decided to focus on one range of skincare, specifically face masques. Masques were generally sold in tubes, and most were clay based. But this gets messy, dries up, and just an overall pain. So they decided to find a way to make an affordable, naturally based fun product that people would want to use.

    • The other ones usually have enough for more than one use
    • Cucumber Peel Off was and continues to be their best seller
    • Found in 85 countries around the world
    • For many it is part of their regular makeup routine (Which is good as it is great to give your skin a deep cleaning weekly)

They are as natural as they can make them, between 95-100% natural. Most are 100%. The ones that are not 100% is mainly due to the fact that some of the ingredients they use need a bit of artificial preservative, or some fragrance (in order to produce the “Wow” factor). Generally, as they are single use sachets, there is no real need for preservatives. But when they do, they try to use milk as a natural preservative (on a side note, the majority is vegan friendly, but some are not because of the natural milk preservative used).

The products are created in an ultra energy efficient building (the “Green Barn”) that was built themselves. They created a meadow around it in order to support a rare breed of butterflies in the vicinity.

Phew! That was a lot of information!

But it was pretty interesting, no?

It was then that they introduced their new product, specifically the Clay Clothe Masques!

Now I will get to share about them after I get a chance to use them, but basically they are clay masques infused in bamboo fabric. That way, you can slap them on, and remove them EASILY after a minimum of 10 minutes. Now that was something new to me. Jill (@Jillojello) told me that is what spa’s actually do. They apply masques on top of muslin clothes. I haven’t had a spa treatment like that (well actually I haven’t had one in years…). Anyway I am excited to try it out, and will talk about them more later.

Montagne Jeuness Event
The tables that are set up for demo-ing the new masques. Headbands, coconut facial wipes…

Clay Clothe Masques
99% natural, designed to be used on a weekly basis. Most use it as an special occasion product, but they want to change things and make it as part of your weekly ritual, and not just to use once in awhile.

Montagne Jeuness Event
Photobombing Monster (I kid, she’s so awesome!), but also trying out the masque for herself :)

After meeting a few ladies I chat on Twitter with, and catching up with others, we got a swag bag at the end of the night. Inside were these lovelies..

  • New Peel Off masques (Pawpaw Peel Off, Prickly Pear Peel Off)
  • New Sauna masque, which is a warming wash off masque (in Dragon Fruit Sauna)
  • New Body Scrub (in Black Raspberry)
  • New Foot Buffer (in Pumice and Peppermint)
  • Plus the new Clay Clothes (Glacial Clay Spa, Red Earth Clay Spa, and Dead Sea Mud Spa)

Swag bag with scary Masques…
Montagne Jeuness Event
Montagne Jeuness Event
In all seriousness, I cannot look at the front of their packaging. It really grosses me out. If you don’t understand why I get grossed out…I’m jealous of you! haha

You can check out some of the products from the Farley Co website HERE, and can find them at a bunch of other retailers…which I will update soon…forgot to bring the info with me to school!

I got to meet lovely ladies as well!
Delectibly Chic

and got to meet those whom I have chatted on twitter for awhile now…
Sicilianna Beauty
Procrastinating Pretty

and many other familiar faces :)

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  1. What a fun event! Just getting into masks myself (I’ve been using My Beauty Diary and Queen Helene’s Mint Julep) so more new ones will be neat to look into!

    1. Those are my usual faves :)
      It feels good so far so they will be interesting to add to a collection~

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