ooooh Sample Source :D

Sample Source Box

I got these trial size babies from I had originally heard about this site because BeautyGeek had tweeted about them, so I followed the tweet to read the post.

Basically you have an opportunity to try these sample sizes before you purchase a full size product. Anything free to help you decide on a product is always nice, so I was excited to score them this time around.

Once you get your box, you are given a few weeks, and then a follow up email will be sent to you. You will be asked to write a mini review (few sentences) for their website, just general thoughts on the products.

There are a bunch of samples to choose from, and they dwindle quickly so you want to get to the site ASAP when it is released.

Here is what I got…

Sample Source Box
Quaker Harvest Crunch
This has been advertised on the TTC subway recently, and I have to say that this was pretty good. But then again it is hard to screw up a granola bar right?

Sample Source Box
Sample Source Box
Garnier BB Cream
I tested out the BB in stores when it was released, and wasn’t too fond of it. Haven’t tried out the sachet yet, but we will see. What I did like was the little tab they provided for you to see how oily your skin is, helping you categorize your skin.

Sample Source Box
Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration
I had seen a lot of promo for this last year on various blogs. Personally I used to stay away from these brands when I was younger. My skin was far more sensitive back then, and I would break out in to a rash. I was a little weary at first, but so far no issue! I loved that they also provided a decent size sample to try out. This would last as least a week, and well I think for something like this that would be enough time to make up your mind. And on the chance you do like it, they provided a coupon for you to use as well. Nice gesture :)

Sample Source Box
We don’t use our dishwasher, as for some reason my family thinks that doing things by hand is always better in this case…I am not an exception to this. So I gave the dishwasher one to my brother. But I do like the laundry packs. It seems crazy to me that one little thing is enough, but it really is. Not too strong in scent, but powerful enough to do the load.

Sample Source Box
Jergens Natural Glow in the Firming Formula
Again another company that provided a decent size sample for trial! I was happy to score this as I do enjoy the drugstore sunless tints. I had one from Loreal that I got as a sample a long time ago, and that is what started my affair with them. This one is for firming, and works to combat cellulite. The claim is that you can see the difference in a week. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of the lucky ones to experience that, but I did like the subtle colour it gave me. Plus it smells nice, like a discontinued Vasaline lotion.

Sample Source Box
Schick Razor Hydro Silk
Usually I go for the Schick Intution, as it allows me to dry shave when I don’t have the luxury of time. However this one isn’t too bad as well. I like that it is easier to store than the Intuition, and at least it is a tad cheaper cause it doesn’t have the lotion bar surrounding the entire thing. Plus it has a nice handle for good grip.

Sample Source Box
Snuggle Fabric Softener
I have always wished I could buy a Snuggle Bear…
Okay aside from that, a one load sample. I mean isn’t this basically a staple for most households? I know it is in mine…

Sample Source Box
Tums Freshners
I personally am not a fan of these. The fall apart weird in the mouth, and the texture drives me nuts. But it does clear up the breath for the time being.

Sample Source Box
Colgate Sensitive
Oh sample size toothpaste…I have a village of you in the bathroom…

Sample Source Box
Tresseme Platinum Strength
These guys are good for 3 ways for my hair. Not a lot, but enough to see if my scalp reacts, or if I like the scent. It isn’t bad, but I perfer to use the Keratese samples that I got throuh Klout.

I should also mention that the boxes come with one 3 month subscription. There are 3 different magazines to choose from, and if you want paper of iPad form. I forgot which one I got, but will be nice to read a few magazines when they get here.

So have you ever snagged boxes like this? Maybe the P&G sampler?

Personally love them, when they provide decent samples. Plus it is free, you can’t really go wrong with that can you? :)

*These were free samples that registered individuals have a chance to claim at Sample Source. I was not paid to write this post.*


2 thoughts on “ooooh Sample Source :D

  1. Wow all those samples?! That’s pretty neat!
    How’d the 5 blades work for you on the razor? No joke I was just talking about razors with my brother because of my hairy legs! lol. He thinks 5 is too scary

    • Hi! Thanks for popping by :)

      I actually used the men’s Gillette Fusion which is also 5 blades, and liked it a lot. This was pretty similar, as it pretty close together and ensures that I don’t have to go over the same place w the 5 blades again. Which is good as I tend to irritate my skin easily from shaving.

      I use the Intuition and there are times I need to do an extra swipe, unlike the 5 blades ones.

      Hope that helps :)

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