Final few days of the Lisa’s Cosmetic Sale…

Lisa’s Cosmetic / Lisa’s Warehouse Sale May 2013

On Friday, I was meeting up with a friend for casual drinks at Finch. Well seeing as she lived near Markham, and that I had received good news for one of my course marks, I decided to ask her to drop me off close to the Lisa’s Sale.

I was super excited to pick up Marcelle and Annabelle. I got there an hour before closing, and I waited like 2 mins before being let in.

Bathroom is disgusting at the end of the day, which is expected as there are so many people attending in a given sale day, but just a heads up for those who are squeamish about that.

Here is what I ended up getting:
Lisa's Warehouse Sale Haul
Stila Long Wear Liquid Lip Color in Caprice and Patina ($7.99 Each)
Stila Seeing Stars Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner Set ($14.99)
Stila mini Smudge Crayon Set ($5.99)
Marcelle Waterproof Lip Definition in Truly Nude ($2.49)
Marcelle Essential Gel Cleanser (Not pictured as its already in the bathroom $5)
Annabelle Smoothie in Down 2 Earth ($1.99)
La Perla EDP (not pictured, but part of my gift for Mom, she’s wanted it for ages $40)
Nair Cire Divine ($5.99)

Swatches of the stuff I have already opened…

I didn’t want to spend too much, but still spent a little more than I wanted. I do have to say that I regret not buying the tester bottle of Marc Jacobs Dot. Tempted to go back just to buy it…Hmmm…

Anyway surprisingly I didn’t buy much Annabelle and Marcelle. I still have some blush from 2 years back, and so I only picked up two things I really wanted to try out. I got the Annabelle Smoothie in Down 2 Earth, which was LE from a year ago. A darker green that suits my everyday needs better. I got the Marcelle Waterproof Lip Definition Liner as I needed something that was more neutral, and had heard great thing about it. I got the Marcelle Cleanser. I got a sample from the company about 2 years back, and had bought a 2 for 1 at Winners last year, but almost done it. This was HUGE and only $5. Such a steal.

I needed a new wax, as the Andrea ones I got from Dollarama about 2 years ago has finally run out. Unfortunately as my phone died while I was there, I was unable to check the reviews for this one. Looks like it wasn’t too great…but will find a way to make it work.

I was pretty excited about Stila! I had mistaken the Long Wear Liquid Lip Color for the new ones, so that was unfortunate, but they are pretty, and matte. A little drying, but well, hopefully I can make it work for me. I got the Eyeliner set as I wanted to try them out, seeing as they are supposed to be decent. Lastly I got the mini Smudge Crayons for the main reason that they were cute xD

Obviously it is best to go near the beginning of the sale. Once some things run out, they run out. However I don’t think that it is necessary to go right at the opening of the day. Rather, I would suggest to go near the end of the day, an hour before closing. That way you can avoid standing in line. I once stood in line for just over an hour to get in. I don’t think I ever will again.

In any case, if you need perfume, or want to check out LE products from Marcelle/Annabelle, or want to check out drugstore nailpolish, then this might be a sale for you. I usually see people spend at least $40, and that is still includes quite a decent haul.

You can find toothbrushes, household cleaning products, brushes, makeup, perfume, socks, handbags, lotions, suncreen, bandaids, hair dye, blemish control products, shampoo…Well basically a whole bunch of stuff. So if you go, do take some time to look around, you never know what you might find.

In terms of perfume, I would suggest one thing for you.

Check to see if they have “tester” bottles that they sell. Basically these are bottles that generally look exactly the same as the retail bottles. They are usually for display purposes in store, or as testers. The thing about these is that they are in plain brown boxes, and are sold at about $10 or a little more, cheaper than the retail bottles that are next to them. Sometimes they ladies and men behind that work there will let you know that there is a tester, if not, just check anyway. I remember getting Calvin Klein Eternity Tester for $35 I believe. There was a Marc Jacobs one that I mentioned above also have the tester, and it was I believe $65 for the tester, and $75 for the retail bottle. If it isn’t a gift, then it is a great way to save a few bucks more, and to spend elsewhere :)

Just as a reference
Kenzo was ~$65
Burberry was ~$65+
Incanto was ~$35+
Escada was ~$35
Stila Products were between $8-$15 (I think there was the Snowflake Palette which was more though…)
Smashbox Kit was $28

Red Earth was only a few bucks (and only a few products)
Marcelle Skin care ranged from $4 to under $20 I believe.

Well how do I get to this playland called Lisa’s Cosmetic Sale?
I’ve only gone by public transit, so here is how you’d get there.

By Public Transit:
From Finch Station you can take the VIVA Pink or Blue to Richmond Hill Centre. Then from Richmond Hill Centre you can continue on the Pink, or transfer to the Purple. If you are already on Pink, stay on Pink. If you are on Blue, then transfer to either Pink or Purple depending on the time. You can take those two buses straight to Montgomery (I think it was one stop from Woodbine) which will drop you off at First Markham Square, and then you can walk to Rodick.


You can take the Pink or Purple and get off at Woodbine, and take the YRT Bus 1. Then you can get off right at Rodick Road, and walk from there. If you don’t want to walk from Montgomery, then taking the 1 Bus is best. I like this one the best actually. Especially now as there is some major construction going on, and you do this weird detour through the park edge…and there are lots of bugs -__-

There are only 5 days left, so check out their website HERE for details on times and dates, as they are not open everyday.


8 thoughts on “Final few days of the Lisa’s Cosmetic Sale…

  1. Wow, Lisa’s certainly has a plethora of stuff! It sounds like it’s like walking into Shoppers or Rexall. Thinking about heading there on friday…

    • haha whatever! It was your first time! Plus these are awesome deals you can’t get during the year…or thats what I always tell myself when I overspend haha

    • Hi,
      I’m not a 100% sure, but I believe that the Shiseido Warehouse is this weekend, or the next weekend?
      Lisa should be happening in prob a month’s time.
      I think that the Loreal sale is over (but you need tickets to get in to that anyway)
      Aside from that, not sure what else is up in toronto. Sorry I don’t know actual dates.
      I usually rely on my fellow Toronto Bloggers to keep me updated on that

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