Chilsung Pocha Toronto

*Update May1913: I’m not sure if this place has closed down. I passed by it last week, and it looked closed…*

*All pictures were taken on my iPhone 4, without flash, which sucks, I know. However after many countless drops, my phone does not function well with flash. Seeing as people who are not regular subscribers had complained elsewehre about this before, I wanted to let you know. *

Chilsung Korean Pocha Club and Izakaya

590 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1Z3

This place is located just north of Yonge and Wellsley, on the west side.

I had met up with my friend AY & EK at the beginning of April. It was the last week of school for me, and the others wanted to celebrate the long weekend early. We usually head to Junko, but figured we would try somewhere new.

Chilsung is nice, not overly loud, and relatively clean. It is pretty dark, but not so that you might trip over things, but I would say make sure you take slower steps when you walk about. There is only one toilet for the female bathroom, so you will have to wait, especially if someone takes advantage of the magazines that are located next to the toilet lol.

Chilsung Pocha
As you can see from the extremely dark photo…there are sectioned off seats with barriers, and then ones that are open on the left hand side.

Chilsung Pocha

Chilsung Pocha
Most of their menu is on the wall around you

Now, I had actually written this review before Saturday May 4, and had stated it was a decent place to go…I may have to change this a little now…

I went May 4th, and it seems the managing has changed, ownership has changed, or cook has changed. Not exactly sure, but definitely something has changed.

Chilsung Pocha
This was spicy chicken, but I am not sure if it still tastes the same, as we didn’t order it under the new change.

We ordered Seafood Pajun (Seafood Pancake), and had to send it back because it was not cooked thoroughly. Once it did come back, it was definitely yummier than before the place changed. Because it comes on the skillet, it will be sizzling hot, and crunchier. I would definitely suggest you check it out.

We got Soju Cocktails in Grape, and have to say that despite the fact that it is just juice and soju, and slightly overpriced ($19), it was good. Despite the menu saying they have Yogurt (which is yummy), they don’t seem to stock it.

Their Soju Cocktails are served in fancy containers. It was tres amusing :p


Another thing to mention is that If you are drinking a lot and expect a lot of Anju, which is the free Korean side dishes you eat while drinking (like when you go to a bar and get peanuts for free…), they weren’t at all impressive. We were served spoons, but no soup came out. It ended up just being what you see in the picture. I would expect this for just one combo, but seeing as there was 4 of us, it wasn’t really proportional to that. We did get one service item (which is just another freebie that is more special for guests), which was fried banana.

Now the thing is this. With the amount we spend on drinks, we would get 3 times the free service items at this other location, and get double the Anju for our first round.

So again, if you rely on Anju, I don’t think that the new changed Chilsung will be your cup of tea. While we were there, 3 groups had come, sat down, looked at the menu, and then left. So even they noticed something different immediately.

If you like a quiet place, which is was that night, then this might be up your alley. The service was relatively okay (one being much nicer than the other). The place was a little warm for the weather, which would be because of the slightly open kitchen (I say slightly as the door is just these half curtains), but if you sit near the door, you should be okay.

I don’t always go out drinking, but I do want to share the Korea Bars in Toronto, so I will try and do a few more posts about a few others~ So hopefully in the next few months I can share a few more :)


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