Oooooh Purple-ish Glitter from MODI Glam

Monday evening, after staying up for 18 hours, writing my last exam of this session, and having watched 42 the movie with my friend Jav, I came home to this…

MODI Glam Nails in Devil Tears

My lovely friend DA/Y-unni had sent me a package!
I love that it arrived on a day I was feeling really down (was worried about the exam I had written earlier that day), and just put a huge smile on my face.

You notice that there is BUTTER LONDON IN THE PACKAGE XD

They will be my first ones, and I am so glad that they came from someone meaningful~

I was so excited about this package I had to try the polish…
I went with MODI Glam Nails in Devil Tears #17 (found at Aritaum I believe).

MODI Glam Nails in Devil Tears
On the left we have Tweed Jacket…which I will share later
On the right we have Devil Tears

MODI Glam Nails in Devil Tears

MODI Glam Nails in Devil Tears

MODI Glam Nails in Devil Tears

MODI Glam Nails in Devil Tears

The “undies” (apparently nail bloggers use that word as the base used before applying glitters lol) of this polish is a brand most will be able to figure out from the picture. So I will leave it at that.

MODI Glam Nails in Devil Tears

This was a bit of a weird polish, like a slightly shiny matte formula. I didn’t realize it was supposed to be matte, and had to Google swatches as I thought I got a faulty bottle.

Anyway, I got this from Jill who was able to CP me a few bottles of polish she was able to snag for $1 each.

And I am thankful that I only paid a dollar for this, as this was so not to my liking at all. Can you believe that this is actually four coats of this stuff? It still is patchy! Plus it isn’t really a true matte. However it did dry down very quickly, but it was just so remniscent of dollar store no name polish that I wasn’t too impressed. Plus the pigment is a powder or something, as it separated and settled in the bottle…just overall wasn’t impressed. I hope the other bottles are not this big of a disaster :T I think I will be safe as they are metallics.

Seeing as I wasn’t a fan, adding the Modi Glitter was perfect. I also liked the extra contrast in shine it provided. On top of the Fuschia Fever, it dried pretty well as well. Hexagon and tiny circular glitter in a purple black base. Just so pretty.

I think it looks similiar to Facets of Fuschia at first glance, but I cannot find my bottle at the moment. Well all of my Revlon polishes. I moved them to a box…and can’t find the box -__-

Check out a Korean Bloggers post on Devil Tears HERE. You can see that it is in a Purple Black base. Mine isn’t as black, but still pretty.

If my friend H wasn’t constricted to one luggage check in, I would have totally asked her to bring back a few more of these, as they just look absolutely lovely. You can check out Aritaum Korean site HERE.

You can’t find these in Canada, unless maybe Pacific Mall in Markham, Ontario…but you could try Gmarket, or Ebay.

Thanks again Unni :) I can’t wait to try out the rest of the stuff xD

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