A new month…

April is commonly known as Hell on Earth for those who are in post secondary school (or accountants I guess?).

I was not an exception to this…

With so much riding on marks, I was thoroughly stressed out. Other than doing my nails, these were a few things that really helped me out.

A New Month

Lets start with hair.
It is no secret that I love Batiste. I bought Blush awhile back as I found them on clearance for $4. For the days I was at home studying, and needed to pop out for an hour or two, I would spray this in my hair, wash my face, then brush it out. The scent may be a little strong for some.

Next let’s look at skin care.
School stress = skin stressed acne. I watched a YT Guru video (I don’t remember the name…) but it was just that we should apply a bit more of treatments. Well, I tried that with La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. I used to apply it more sparingly, but the extra bit seemed to help a lot. It doesn’t contain much other than 0.5% salicylic acid, but yet it seems to work better that a slight higher % of BP for me.

Another huge help in the skin department was Vasanti’s Eye Wonder. I picked this up at IMATS Toronto 2012, and it really was a good thing I did, seeing as I lacked sleep, I would be plagued by dark circles, and puffy eyes (usually due to salt retention as I would indulge in instant noodles late at night >_<). This was also great as m skin has been haywire, and has oddly dried out around my eyes. This was moisturizing so that my morning makeup would look smoother.

Next lets look at makeup.
Make Up For Ever Full Cover concealer was a big help, as Eye Wonder didn’t completely get rid of dark circles, just helped to lighten them a bit. This would help to take care of whatever was left over and could be seen through whatever foundation I used.

As my makeup was relatively simple, I tried to look more lively with lip colour. Revlon’s Colorburst in Soft Rose is a nice everyday colour for me. Gives my lips colour without going over the top. A prettier MLBB for me. If I need more moisture, I would reach for Korres Liquid Lipstick in #13. Again another prettier MLBB.

Lastly I woud infuse a bit more colour using cream blush, and using my trusty small dual fibre brushes. The black one is Etude House that I picked up in Korea, and the green is the Bdelliuem 953. It comes in a set that I initially bought through Sparkled Beauty which I wrote about HERE, and bought another at IMATS Toronto 2012 HERE. I like these as the handles are shorter in length, and a great price.

Finally as a side thing…
I ensured I always had Coffee to Go candies in my bag. I first had these in NY back in the mid 90’s. My cousin was studying nursing, and she always had them everywhere. Once we were able to find them in Canada (several years later I think), mom would pick up a few once in awhile. Now I can’t say that it actually does anything, but its something sweet and held me over until I could get real coffee in me lol.

Anyway thanks everyone for checking out the blog while I have been pretty absent. I appreciate all the views, and thankful that despite the fact I haven’t posted as much, I still managed to make my monthly blog goal. I can only imagine what it will be like once I return to regular posting :)

To wrap this up, I wanted to share that I will be hosting another giveaway at the end of the month. I know what I want to do this time around…and hopefully others will like it~
Okay that is enough out of me, I need to get back to photographing and writing some other future post~ So have a great Wednesday!


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