Slightly heart broken by Olia…

If I could have my way, I would dye my hair every week. Well…providing my hair wouldn’t be fried! haha…if only… :P

Anyway, I like dying my hair. I don’t do it more than a few times a year in an effort to try and preserve my hair condition. Seeing as I was LONG overdue for a dye, I was hunting for a brand to try out. I actually love using Loreal Feria, but if you have bought one before, you know that it is pretty pricey.

I was able to snag a box of Olia #4.60 and was excited to try it out.


Well it is a different type of dye, one that uses some oil formula. Basically the box looked pretty and the colour looked awesome. Plus it was on sale for $5 at Shoppers Drug Mart, I’m assuming it was because the box was pretty bashed up, though everything was fine inside.

You can check out the others colours HERE on the Garnier website, and there is a link to print out a $2 off coupon as well. Wish I knew about it before I bought my boxes!

Alright, so let’s check out some pictures…

Garnier Olia Dye
You can see that the applicator is this weird bulbous thing. Now I know that there were some who complained about it, but I personally didn’t find it too difficult to manage. I actually sat it on my palm, and then basically grabbed it from the bottom. I found that this system worked quite well for me overall.

Garnier Olia Dye
Garnier Olia Dye
Doesn’t the colour look gorgeous on the box?! Just what I was looking for! Seeing as my hair wasn’t completely black like the box…I had high hopes…

Lets just look at some more pictures…

These are pictures of my hair before…
Garnier Olia Dye
Garnier Olia Dye
unwashed hair…
Garnier Olia Dye
When the sun hits my hair directly…

These are some pictures of my hair after…
Garnier Olia Dye
Garnier Olia Dye
Garnier Olia Dye
Garnier Olia Dye
Sun directly hitting my hair…
Garnier Olia Dye

So the verdict?

You really can’t tell -____-
The first day, I thought it looked the same. Or rather, that my hair had evened out, as the ends were much lighter than my roots from my last job. So after the dye my hair had evened out. The second day, I thought it looked lighter. Even lighter the third. Then 2.5 weeks later, I think it got darker. I can’t tell that there is any colouring at all :(

People seem to only notice it when I am in the sun, and if they know me. Indoors, no one can tell at all. Booooooo.

The other issue I had with this dye was that it BLEED like no freaking tomorrow! I swear I was trying to rinse my hair for 15 mins. My arms were ready to fall out as I was doing it over the tub (bending at the waist and just washing my hair under the tap). Deadly on my back and arms.

I did like that it didn’t smell nasty, and that the conditioner it comes with was actually pretty nice. I applied it to my my entire head the first day, and though it weighed down my hair, it was made my for the fact that it was ridiculously soft.

Anyway, in the end, I wouldn’t rebuy this product (though I have one more box cause I thought that perhaps one box wouldn’t have been enough). It was nice, and didn’t damage my hair, but it really didn’t give me the results that I should have gotten according to the index on the back. I know I can’t expect it to be spot on, but I did expect it to colour my hair more than it had. I mean a few weeks later and there is no red/purpley tint left at all :(

Oh well, you win some and lose some.

I actually applied to try and win a box of Revlon’s new hair dye through their Revlon Selects program via Facebook. Lets hope that pulls through so that I can try and give a similar colour another go :)

Note that this product is not recommended for grey coverage. There are reviews that mention that this didn’t work on grey hair, so if you think you might be the exception, go ahead, but the box does say it isn’t recommended.

MUA reviews on Olia

*Product was purchased with my own funds*


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