11 Questions…

I’m up doing some last minute cramming for an exam at 1pm today…I needed a break so I finished off the questions I started answering from a tag by Procrastinating Pretty.

1 Check your bag. What lip products do you have in there?

One of the things I’ve been doing is using a lip product, and tossing it in to my bag for touchups throughout the day. Then I leave it in there, and repeat throughout the week. Once Sunday hits, I empty it out and start all over again. This helps me to try and use what I have out at my MU area…


In the picture we have…
Korres Lip Butter in Wild Rose
Balmshell Gloss
NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Sex Machine
Revlon Kissable in Sweettart
Revlon Kissable in Crush
Hard Candy All Glossed Up in Cupcake
Annabelle TwistUp in Royale

The Korres Lip Butter lives in my MU bag, as well as the mini Balmshell. Everything else gets switched up. As you can see I have recently been using crayon type lip products. Really helpful for people like me who cannot apply colour on the lips…

2 Do you also hate CAPTCHA codes on comments?

Personally I find that WordPress does a great job on filtering spam, so I don’t find the need to use CAPTCHA anymore. I personally dislike them because when I comment, I press submit…then move my cursor to the x to close the browser. Once I see that the comment has gone through, I will click. Unfortunately, there are times when it looks like the comment went through, and I will click, but then a split second after my decision to close it, I see that there is a CAPTCHA condition…and my fingers can’t stop in time. The comment is lost, and I refuse to rewrite it.

3 Tell me an embarrassing makeup story! What’s one makeup habit that (in hindsight) was so, so wrong for you?
Not too sure actually. Maybe that I used a really dark colour to fill in my brows? My mother uses a colour that is nearly back, so I had assumed that I needed to as well. It was too harsh for my face, and…yeah…I think that was one thing that was wrong for me. I went the other extreme and tried something crazy light. I think it was made for those who are blonde…

4 What’s the one product/trick/technique that instantly boosts your confidence?
One product would be a foundation. Covering up acne scars helps to distract attention to my skin.
Otherwise, if I were going completely barefaced, it would be to curl my lashes (that’s assuming I wasn’t allow to wear any makeup at all). Curling lashes open up the eyes, and makes me look a little more awake.

5 What is your favourite physical feature on yourself, why? How do you enhance it or show it off?
My favourite physical feature is actually my worst. My very sparse eyebrows. I find them to be my favourite feature despite their pathetic nature because of the way I can shape them with a product. Depending on the mood/situation I can make them more fierce, or soft.

6 Share: your favourite blog? One that you think deserves more attention?
I enjoy reading Jessica’s food posts at PixelBunny. Being a fellow Torontonian, its nice to read about restaurants in the area…despite the fact that I don’t usually indulge in more extravagant restaurants.

7 What was your most recent beauty item you repurchased?
Repurchased…hmmm…I think that would be Marcelle’s BB Cream. I am not a fan of the scent (which I suspect is from the aloe in the product), but for days when my skin is behaving (damn adult acne), I find that it suits my needs. I snagged the larger size for the reg tub price and was pretty excited.

8 What’s worse: Terribly drawn eyebrows or horribly chipped polish?
Terribly drawn eyebrows hands down. But keep in mind eyebrows are a huge thing for me…

9 Most affordable beauty favorite? Most expensive beauty favourite?
My most affordable beauty favourite would be the ELF eyebrow duo. So cheap, and it works just find in my routine. Most expensive would be the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks, LOVE them. Takes me forever to get through one, but if I broke it or lost it, I would definitely look to replace it.

10 Any HG products?
MUFE HD foundation was a HG for me, UDPP, Annabelle Gleam, Benefit Coralista, Carmex balm…Really over the years the list has gotten longer but I’ll stop there.

11 Go-to nail colour?
If I am going subtle, then my go to would be Quo by Orly Chestnut
If I am going for something more loud, it would be OPI Let Me Entertain You
In the summer I reach for China Glaze Raspberry Festival
In the winter I reach for China Glaze Up All Night
Go to glitter is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Strobe Light
If we ignore colour, and go for finish, my favourite finish would be holo or flakie.


4 thoughts on “11 Questions…

  1. I’m so glad you like my food posts! I find it’s a great way to keep notes on what I discover and what I like, so why not share it with everyone else?

    I also really enjoyed reading all your answers. I better finish up mine!

    • I think it is great~ I’m more of a fastfood person, or burgers…but I do like reading about them just in case I want to suggest something when I meet up with friends~

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