My sorta skittles manicure…

Hi all~
I’ve been busy studying for my exams…at this point I will be ok for the one on Saturday but the one next Tuesday is up in the air…ugh. Hate that.


I’ve wanted to do a skittles manicure for awhile. Not the solid colour kind, but rather the multi patterned type. It has shown up in Korean Dramas, twitter, instagram…blogs…so I really couldn’t avoid it.

The problem was what to use, what colours to select…and generally how to put it together.

In the end, this is what I was able to come up with…took 2 days to pick the colours and what patterns to do lol

Skittles Mani

Skittles Mani

The materials…
Skittles Mani
Skittles Mani
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Celeb City
American Apparel Office
China Glaze Keep Calm Carry On
China Glaze Snow
Sally Hansen Secrets
Sally Hansen Chrome Moonstone
Konad M73

The process…
Skittles Mani

I applied Sally Hansen Secrets to only the inner part of my thumb. Once that dried, I applied American Apparel Office slightly over it, so that I could create the curve.
Skittles Mani

I applied China Glaze Keep Calm Paint On, and stamped over it with Konad M73, using Sally Hansen Chrome polish in Moonstone.

I applied Sally Hansen Xtreme Celeb City, then applied two coats of Sally Hansen Secrets over it.

I applied two coats of American Apparel Office and attached two tear shaped rhinestones close to the nail bed.

I applied China Glaze Snow, and then used a brush to apply random lines of Sally Hansen Secrets over it.

Skittles Mani

And to finish off this post…
I met up with a few ladies Monday evening to chat over food. These friends also shared their goodies with me, which I hoarded and felt so bad over, but a bunch of these babies came home with me (Thank you Jill and Meredith! I have a YSL blush!! xD). I also had a friend CP the Nubar and Layla’s for me and haul them to Toronto from Halifax…thanks Sparkled Beauty :)
So you can expect more attempts at skittles mani’s and shots of lots of holo polish in the future :)

*All polishes in this post were bought with my own money, as well as the Konad stamp*

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