Gotta love online sales…

But it is unfortunate when things don’t work out…

During the Easter Weekend, Aldo had an additional 15% off their stuff.

So of course I ended up putting in an order.



I LOVE this pair, but unfortunately this was something that was returned by a previous buyer, and had scratches on the leather. Very unfortunate as it was super cute, and loved how it looked on me. Sky high, but I felt awesome xD


I was really excited for this pair…but I didn’t read the reviews…and didn’t size up. It ending up being too narrow at the toes for me, and so I will have to return this as well. Shucks. Love the almond toe, and it was a good height.

Anyway, just remember that no matter if the shoes were on clearance, Aldo accepts returns on shoes as long as they haven’t been worn. So lucky for me, I can just take them back…with a slightly heavy heart lol

4 thoughts on “Gotta love online sales…”

  1. I had to take something back also because it didn’t fit right, with heavy heart as well as it looks so awesome and was on crazy sale. Hate that!

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