Real Techiniques Core Collection Brush Set

Since these brushes were released…I have wanted to get my hands on them. I tried to make stops at ULTA on my trip to NJ last year, and didn’t actually manage to get in to one.

So I waited…and waited…and…

Then Farley Co announced that they would be the Canadian Distributor for the brand! *insert squealing here*. I went EVERYWHERE to hunt them down…I had went to 5 different Walmarts (Yes, as of the moment for Ontario, they are only available on the website and at Walmart). then…I was lucky enough to receive the Core Collection from Farley to review! (I then found the Essentials collection on my 6th visit to Walmart, funny enough at the one closest to me, which I thought wouldn’t have them in the first place lol)

Real Techniques Core Collection

Today I will be sharing the Core Collection (The orange handled top brushes)

Real Techniques Core Collection
Real Techniques Core Collection
Real Techniques Core Collection
Real Techniques Core Collection

The brushes come with its own case/stand..

Real Techniques Core Collection
Real Techniques Core Collection
Elastic bands to hold the brushes, with velcro closure.
Real Techniques Core Collection
You fold back the case to turn it in to a stand.
Real Techniques Core Collection
Real Techniques Core Collection
It is held up w the pull…

Real Techniques Core Collection
Real Techniques Core Collection

I have washed them several times and had no shedding at all.

I reach for all the brushes, despite my initial thought that I would not need the detailer and contour. I use the detailer for lips, and the contour to ensure that I blended cheek products correctly.

One thing I loved about this set is that the handle is aluminum. That translates well for those who wear glasses (like me) who find themselves banging the handle in to the mirror (accidentally, while trying to see what is going on). I’ve actually ruined a few brushes doing that, so it is nice to know I won’t ruin these. It also helps that the aluminum extends quite far up the brush, as that decreases the likelihood that you will get water inside and loose the glues.

Personally speaking, these are not the softest brushes I have used, but they are in no means the scratchiest.

Basically, as a starter to beauty, this is a great set to go for (and would rival my usual recommendation of Ecotools sets).

You can find the brush sets at Walmart for just under $19, and should find all three. If you can’t find them, they are available on the Farley website for just over $20.

Farley Co online has more of the Real Technique brush sets, as well as single brushes. You can check those out HERE. They offer free shipping on orders over $50CAN (info HERE).

So, if you want Real Technique brushes and you will in Canada, check out Walmart and the Farley Co online store :)


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