Day 4 Lashes~


Lashes xD
My favourite!
Well…before I developed an allergy to a lot of the adhesives out there..*insert the saddest puppy face* I used to wear then several times a week instead of mascara…oh those were the days…

Anyway, I have short, rather annoying lashes, so wearing false lashes were a big thing for me once I was finally able to get them on.

I have a box of lashes, but these are the ones that have been cut (full length and half lengths) and stored in this pill container I picked up. I think I got this at the dundas and spadina china town dollar store. The one you go down steps. I stick this in one f the drawers of my ikea Fira, which houses my makeup bits.

I forgot yesterday’s post on seasonal inspiration…but it’s okay cause I didn’t get it or think of anything.

And with that dear readers, I am off. Please excuse the worse than normal writings of mine…I just finished my last test of the test before exams, and running in empty. Dizzy and unable to type properly >_<


4 thoughts on “Day 4 Lashes~

    • I think its anything adhesive :T I have one that doesn’t have latex, and still makes my eyes swell if I dont remove it correctly…boooo

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