Last week on Instagram…

Holy Crow! Haven’t done an Instagram summary in awhile O___O

Not that a lot of interesting things have been happening…

Last week…

#bbt craving fulfilled! Original (black milk tea) & Passion Fruit from #teashop168 #instacollage
BBT!!! BubbleTEA!!! xD
That is all.

Yesterday's lunner at Paramount. I can still taste the garlic lol
Haven’t had Paramount since December I believe…got a plate this time around, and was pretty yummy~

Had to run an errand for mom at the Korean supermarket. Which was ok only because I finally got a #melona #popsicle xD yay!
I had to run an errand for my mother at the Korean Market in Sauga, and as a reward, I bought myself a Melona bar :P Yum! (I used to hate them…but that was all my cousin stocked for her kid, so at his insistent little whines, I grew to like them. We would sit on the couch together, eating them while watching his shows.)

Wooo #anju#안주#소주#soju date w my girls :)
Checked out Chilsung Pocha with two of my friends. I missed the other half of our group, but we still had some fun :) Seriously people, you need to drink Asian styles :P

I may not have gotten the originals before the bankruptcy, but at least I have these #hardcandy#mrwrong#beetle#fabuluxe#sky#nailpolish#nailaddict#duochrome#glitter#justnails#polishaddict#collection
I recently received my package that contained the white capped bottles of Hard Candy Polish. I had always wanted them before they went bankrupt, but never did get anything. This is good enough for the time being…

Satisfying #pizza craving w @javz_
Friend called me out for pizza. Seeing as there isn’t anything tres awesome in Etobicoke…we opted for regular veggie pizza. We might have consumed the whole thing. Don’t judge lol


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