Day 2: Blush

Yay! I got this in just in the nick of time :)

I decided I will try my best to post even a little blurb using the BeautyThesis’ April Picture a Day (You can check it out HERE).

So, for the second day of April we were to share blush.

April Day02 Blush

These are the blushes I’m trying to use this week…I try and rotate my babies…try is the key word here lol

NARS Dolce Vita Blush I bought from Watercoloursky’s blog sale. Love that it only takes a little bit to achieve such a pretty colour.

Sally Hansen Carmindy blush in Sunrise which I got from Dollarama. Seeing as the weather was supposed to get warmer…I thought it would be perfect. It is, but just not the right temperature out there…

Loreal HIP Crème Blush in Coquette that I got a while back…prob shouldn’t use it anymore, but it is pretty. Plus I haven’t broken out! (*scampers back to the corner in shame*)

Okay, that it all! Gotta get back to my essay writing :) -____- OTL


2 thoughts on “Day 2: Blush

    • Its the one way I can get to try more of my stash…otherwise…some get a tad neglected. I’m trying to do that with my shadows as well, but its not going as well as the blush :P

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