Another month to pass us by…

___ Update the winner this time around is Michelle! Yay! Will email you soon ___

Hello Sweeties~
(I actually cringe when people say that to me. Unless you are over 60, I don’t think you should call me Sweetie. You definitely shouldn’t if you are younger than me :T lol but I digress…)



So I bought a few of these awhile back…me and my hoarding issues. I was able to give one away to a friend, but still have this. Which is good, cause that means that I can give it away :)

I wrote about them somewhat briefly HERE.

I do enjoy them :)

Since April is hell month for me (and for other students in this world…), I wanted to share something. Maybe a little selfishly in hopes that Karma will bring something good my way…or maybe just to try and brighten up someones day…In any case I have one box of these babies up for grabs.

Okay so here goes…

First you must be Canadian/live in Canada.
Second you must have commented on the blog prior to this post, OR follow me on Twitter, OR follow me on Instagram OR follow me on Facebook. I stress that either one of these must have been done prior to this post. I have a screen capture of those who are current on Instagram, and will track other replies. The whole point of this is to thank my current readers/friends. If you are not, leave a comment on my other posts, and you will be eligible for next time :)
Third you must leave me a way to contact you if you win, email, twitter, whatever. That also means you agree to provide your address if you are selected.
Lastly this is funded by my own pocket, product and shipping. If the package goes missing, I cannot be held responsible for that. I haven’t had issues before, so doubt that this will happen. In any case, there is only one prize, so in the event something does happen, I cannot replace it.

The contest will end Sunday Evening,April 7th, at 9pm! (Haha I’m still in March mode..I wrote March 7th and didn’t realize until Sparkled Beauty have me a heads up xD)

So leave me a comment…about anything really…or for inspiration…
Have you ever tried them?
I know they are similiar in colour and wear to the Annabelle ones, have you tried the Annabelle ones?
Which colour are you most excited to try out?

13 thoughts on “Another month to pass us by…”

  1. 1st off, hope everything goes well with school :)
    2nd, Yes I have tried the Annabelle ones. They’ve become a stable-repurchase in my makeup stash.

    3rd Keep up what you’re doing.

  2. Ooo I have this set! I got it from Hautelook last year over the summer. They make eyeshadow application really easy! Although for my oil lids, I need to use a primer or they start to run. The purple and dark brown are the colours I reach for the most. Haven’t been able to get the courage to try the teal one yet.

  3. I am Asian and purple & blue eye makeup gives me flashbacks to the 80’s, but I am willing to give them another try.

    1. I am always afriad of blue and purple as well, but I keep experimenting with them. I think I find it easiest when I wear them as liners, rather than full shadow looks~

    1. Thanks! ahhh…I wish the horror wouldn’t extend past May 1st…but I signed up for Summer School…BAH!

  4. Thanks for the giveaway~ almost missed this one! I haven’t tried them but I do use the liners, so I’d hope that ill enjoy them.

  5. Ooh~~~~
    I better type fast, 2 minutes till 9!!

    U know my address, it will be free of shipping if i win lol!!

    I would love to try any gold color,
    As u know im too scared to try others…

  6. Thank you everyone for entering :)
    The winner this time is Michelle!
    I will be emailing you shortly for your address.

    I hope to hold another mini giveaway in 2 months, depends on how busy I am with summer school (oh the dread…)

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