Shadow Dancers from Hard Candy…

I received this through a press event that previewed Hard Candy’s spring collection. I wrote about it HERE.

This was an interesting snag at the event, as I don’t really have liquid eyeshadows. Well, I had one from Cargo LONG time ago, but that has long tine dried up.

Well this is the Shadow Dancer in Head to Toe. A nice brown on one end, and a lighter pinky beige on the other.

Hard Candy Shadow Dancers

The applicator is interesting, as it is like a flatter, longer doefoot, but without the actual foot.

Hard Candy Shadow Dancers

Hard Candy Shadow Dancers

Hard Candy Shadow Dancers

Hard Candy Shadow Dancers

Hard Candy Shadow Dancers

Hard Candy Shadow Dancers

Here is is on my eye…

I like the idea of the Shadow Dancers. I like that they have two ends that compliment each other. I like that the lighter end can be used as a highlighter in a pinch, thus making this product a versatile one.

The product applies wet, but then dries down, and in a way it sets in place. So do not wait too long to blend it in, otherwise you will get a harsh line where you applied the product.

What I didn’t like was more personal than anything. It was just too light on me, and is merely a simply wash on my skin. BUT that isn’t to say that it is a bad product. I found that the product lasted for a few hours without a primer (and on top of oily skin…). The product can be built up, but you need to wait between the layers, otherwise you risk pulling the former layer. It is harder to tell in the picture, but I used the pinky beige for the inner part of the eye, and layered the brown at the outer end, to give it more definition.

I would highly suggest those with oilier skin to wear a primer, and maybe top off the product with another powder shadow on top just to make sure it really sets in place. Though it might be over kill for some, seeing as it does set to be a powder…

Not sure about price, I think it was mentioned it would be about $5US. I have yet to see the new line in Canadian stores, but if you had luck, do let me know!

So, would you go for a cream to dry shadow product?

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