China Glaze in Ahoy! + other ramblings…

China Glaze Ahoy!

Ahoy! has been on my mind since its initial release a while back. Look, I commented about it HERE, which is where I fell in love with it…

But alas…I didn’t jump to buy it.

And then it grew to be an dull pang in my nail polish loving heart.

So when I saw it on the regular display at Sally’s, I knew I had to have it.

China Glaze Ahoy!

It reminds me of a denser, pink version of Raspberry Festival. Without the same metallic-y shimmer that Raspberry Festival has (which is also another polish I love :P). On a side note, this is without a top coat, and yet look at how shiny this is! O____O

China Glaze Ahoy!

China Glaze Ahoy!

I also went to pick up my Midnight Recovery Concentrate at Kiehls, so I could participate in their promotion where you get 20% back on a GC to use for a future purchase. I wrote about it HERE, scroll to the end of the post…


I picked up the Midnight Recovery Concentrate in their limited time only 50mL bottle. Actually I went in for the 30mL bottle, but then the SA told me about their limited edition 50mL bottle. Then I hummed and haw’ed…and then decided to go for it.

It works out to be $2 cheaper per 10mL than the 30mL bottle, as the 50mL is priced at $70.

I got two sample sachets.

Not too sure how I feel about the experience in the Canadian store (I’ve purchased a masque and lip stuff in the American ones before, or stole my cousins stuff lol but this is the first time I have shopped here in Canada). On the one hand, I am happy that the SA didn’t pressure me to buy things I didn’t want. A HUGE thing for me. On the other hand, I feel like there could have been better interaction between us had she talked more about the product…

oh well. Now too sure what I will get with the card…maybe the Midnight Recovery Eye Cream? I got a sample of it, so let’s see how I like it…



I also picked up my free handcreme from L’occitane, as they sent me a reminder email about the redemption for it. It was part of a Facebook promotion that they had at the end of January, I believe. Anyway, a $12 dollar value for free. I liked that it was straight off the regular shelves, rather than some pile in a box behind the counter. Also I got a bunch of samples, when all I did was get a FREE product! That was mind blowing for me. I mean we don’t even get samples from Sephora when we shop…let alone get something for free…

Anyway, I haven’t liked going to the Yorkville shop, but the one at Yorkdale was really nice. The SA was very informative, without having to be pushy, or force a sale on me. There was a slight issue I did have, but that was due to the company itself, rather than the fault of the SA.

that’s enough out of me. I had planned to go out tonight, but things changed, so I am studying Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason. Yay! -___-

Hope that you all have a great weekend!


7 thoughts on “China Glaze in Ahoy! + other ramblings…

  1. I just picked up my free hand cream yesterday, wasn’t offered any samples lol Glad to see Ahoy back, I don’t think I have it either

    • Awww~ Guess my lady was just nice then.
      It was the last one on the reg display for my store~ So im glad I snagged it~

  2. nice, free samples! which location did you go to? I went to Yorkdale to redeem my free lotion and the lady kept trying to up sell me, it really turned me off

    • I went to Yorkdale as well…booo…I hate when they really push you to buy things. Guess I got luck with the lady I had

    • Yes, my cousin in a nurse and thats what she suggested to me before, but never really needed it til last year. Definitely try it out~ The original has the most Shea content, and isn’t supposed to sting…which is always a plus when we have dry hands :)

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