Keep Calm Paint On…

…or so I tried…

Youll see what I mean soon.

ChG Keep Calm Paint On

Such a lovely colour, and I felt this tiny pull inside me when I first saw swatches.
So when I saw the last bottle on the Sally Beauty Supply display, I knew I had to buy it.

So I got it.
And applied it…
And almost hated it!

ChG Keep Calm Paint On

I may have gotten a dud formula. I found that it was thick yet thin. It was thin in the sense I needed 3 coats to give a remotely smooth finish, but thick in the sense it was a tad gloopy, and just a overall pain in the but formula to use. I ended up removing my first try of this. I ended up putting some thinner in it, and hoped that my second shot at it would be better.


What you see is three coats, and it is harder to tell, but the finish is still quite streaky. Just…mind boggling to me. I haven’t come across such a pain in the butt formula in quite some time. The last few would have been Zoya…and a recent OPI buy.

ChG Keep Calm Paint On

Anyway, if you got a dud bottle, would you struggle with it if the polish were pretty?


2 thoughts on “Keep Calm Paint On…

    • my nails?! haha noooooo, they need some work. been neglecting everything this last month. everything has gone haywire. BUT I appreciate that you do think they look great :) cause that makes me happy. yay *\O/*

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