Mini update…

Hi all~

Despite wanting to post frequently, I’ve fallen behind. As it is march, that means that the semester is coming to a close and crunch time to now upon students.

Students like me.

Anyway, I’ve been a little busy with papers, and trying to catch up on classes that I’ve missed, but hopefully will be able to get a few post a week out.

Also, I wanted to post to remind you of my giveaway that will happen soon for my Canadian readers (everyone else, I do appreciate your love, but Canadian shipping is just too damned expensive! Sorry :(). It will be for currently followers on twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. If you do not follow, the other way you can enter is to have left a comment before I post the giveaway. If you have already commented, GREAT! Thank you :) but if you are a silent reader, you might want to say hi :)

It won’t be as big as my giveaway in January, but I hope that those who win will enjoy it :)

I will have a main prize, and a smaller runner up prize.


I think that’s it.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend, I’ve been stuck reading Hume. I like Hume because he is far more direct than the others I’ve had to read, but my Professor makes things a little hard in our papers…so it’s been an interesting weekend.

Well, enjoy the start to a new week!!

I’m going to miss winter, but I’m glad ill be able to wear my fun shoes soon xD

6 thoughts on “Mini update…”

    1. No prob!
      I started doing the nail polish sheets because of your post xD
      Can’t wait to try the other nail arts that you have posted :)

    1. thanks! lets hope I kick some ass…I need some really good marks in two classes -___-

  1. Good luck on the end of the term assignments/exams!!! You can do it :)

    ps. Indeed Canadian shipping is crazy expensive :(

    1. Thanks C :)
      I really hope so…
      and yes, you should know with your last Blog sale…oh Canadian shipping… -___-

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