All Glossed Up…and no place to go…


To those who are my regulars, I apologize for breaking my kind of promise to get the Hard Candy cosmetics swatches up last week. Life happened, so didn’t get around to doing it. Now that my photoroom (nee brothers room…) is being occupied by my brother who is on vacation, I won’t be able to photograph anything new til he is gone.

That just encourages me to use the pictures of posts I had meant to put up! :)

Anyway, today I have the Hard Candy All Glossed Up lip crayons to share with you.

Hard Candy All Glossed Up
Hard Candy All Glossed Up

Personally I was most excited about these from the new cosmetics launch (in addition to the polish), as I am pretty obsessed with lip crayons.
I love lip crayons, as witness by my numerous wears of Revlon Kissable Balm Stains, Annabelle Twist Up, and even Clinique Chubby Intense. I am actually hoping to get a few more Revlon Kissables from the Rexall sale this week (I think someone tweeted that they were $4.99 this week!).

Now here is the thing, for the regular price, and in comparison to other similar products at regular price, this is a pretty decent deal. When other brands are on sale…well…I will get to that at the end, as I am getting ahead of myself.

Lets look at some swatches!
Cupcake – Red Mix – Pout
Hard Candy All Glossed Up
Hard Candy All Glossed Up

Hard Candy All Glossed Up

Hard Candy All Glossed Up
Red Mix

Hard Candy All Glossed Up

Hard Candy All Glossed Up
Red Mix on the Left – Pout on the right
They look pretty similiar in the picture, but IRL you can tell that they lean red, or pink.

They are labeled as “hydrating lip stains”. Now I would agree with this somewhat. If your lips are already in good shape, then I didn’t find that they would dry out. However if you have lips that are already flaky, unlike some products, this will not ease flaky lips. Rather emphasizes them as it gets under the skin of chapped lips. So though I didn’t find my lips to dry out, I would try to avoid using them if I had forgotten my nightly lip care routine.

The product has a coconut scent to it. Not over powerful, as it does fade once on your lips quite quickly, it is noticeable on application (but then again I am not a fan of coconuts…so you might like it more than I did).

For a regular price point of approximately $6US, this is not too bad of a pencil to try out, especially for those just starting out to venture out in to a more bolder lips. This is like training wheels for a bold lip. Now if I were to compare it to other products on sale, for close to $5US, like the recent Rexall sale on Revlon Kissable’s or Annabelle TwistUps, I would suggest to go that route as the product is more pigmented, and a bit more forgiving in terms of chapped lips.

The only issue I had of the three that I got to try out, would be of Red Mix one, as the inner part of my lips had started to fade. I didn’t notice this when I used Pout, but I did when I used Red Mix

Hard Candy All Glossed Up
This is after 4 hours. I was in lecture, no eating or drinking, but you can see the fading in the inner part of the lip.

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