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I had originally planned on sharing HC’s All Glossed Up, but didn’t get around to finishing the post. So instead I wanted to share a SDM spree from today.

SDM sent out emails that they were having a 20X the points even with a minimum purchase of $50. I figured I would go. Though it is pretty much over now (unless you print out the coupon and head to the stores now…) you can participate in the 25% off regular merchandise this Friday!

I mention that because there are a few great deals you can find, in terms of the value size products.


Marcelle has various goodies that are larger than normal, for the same price. I picked up the BB cream. Usually 45ml for $23, but you can get the 70ml for the same price! (EDIT Mar0713: this might not be the case for other products. Jill just pointed out her cleansing water was price a few bucks more than the regular sized one. However the store I went to had the larger BB for the same price as the regular size BB) The stores I went to had the larger BB in the place you normally find the BB, but you can’t tell because of the shelf. So I would suggest just pulling one out, or taking a peek under to see if your store has it yet.

I had wanted to value size Bioderma Sensibio and Sebium (which is huge) but the store I went to didn’t have it. You can also find various value sizes in La Roche Posay, and Avene.

I also read the rave post that Jill did HERE, and was really curious about the product. So I picked up Loreal Precious Oils. They only had the colour treated one…but I do dye my hair 3 times a year, so I guess I fit in this category. They are $7.99 this week.

Cover Fx is changing some stuff up. A few brushes, their primers, brush cleaner and concealers are all 50% off. Some are reformulated, and others are being eliminated. The 160 brush, which I first bought from IMATS Toronto is a HUGE steal! They are replacing it with a brush with some new synthetic fibre? Check out the website for more info. I mean synthetic is good, but seeing as I loved the original 160, I needed another. At $19 it is a steal. I was tempted to buy the primer, as I did enjoy it before…but passed. Have too much going on w products that I am sure if I bought it, I wouldn’t be able to finish them in time lol

Also, we got a heads up from Ande (who blogs HERE)…

I thought plano was a typo, but it isn’t!

I learned a new beauty tech term xD

Anyway if you were thinking of getting stuff that are usually regular price (like the BB, or the LRP…or Avene…) you might want to check out their 25% off sale on Friday. Not sure if you need a coupon, but you could always google~

Thanks for reading :)

6 thoughts on “My purchase of the day…”

  1. aw thanks for the shout out.
    wait same price for the marcelle…not at my shopppers. I thought that they would be since there was no pricing but then my cleansing water ran in at $17.99 not $14.99 like the reg size said. I asked and they said bonus sizes often cost more.
    Well, not I am just not sure what to think of my location.

    I’m glad you scored some great deals, great post

    1. I want to say that I think I saw signs that the cleasing water was $18, but can’t be sure. They didn’t actually have any other ones than that at my location. Maybe it was just the BB cream that was the same price?

      Anyway thanks for checking out the post Jill :)

    1. I did!
      I didn’t see them in the lip balm aisle, so dejected I went to cash out…then noticed them near the batteries! lol so random, but I got it :)

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