Last week on Instagram…

Being back at school after the reading week, you would think I would be more eager to take pictures. But I wasn’t. Oh well. Here are a few I shared on Instagram last week…

I like seeing these at the #ttc#pape#station#subway#platform
When I head to Coxwell to visit my friend for dinner after work, I pass by Pape station. They are renovating, and as decoration they have these panels on the wall. They are just so interesting to check out when the train stops…

Wooo thanks @farleycobeauty for the #realtechniques#corecollection set! they look great along w the #travelessentials I picked up @walmartcanada
FarelyCo sent me the Core Collection (Upper Orange Brushes), and I bought the bottom Travel Essentials at Walmart. It took me 5 different trips to different Walmarts, but I found it at the one that was closest to me! lol

Gotta love surprises in the mail. Thanks @annabellecosmetics (@annabelletweets) can't wait to play around w them xD #makeup#canadian#bbloggers#annabellecosmetics#cccream
Got new Annabelle Goodies to try out :)

Drinking Korean style #soju#소주#anju#instacollage
If you like getting a few drinks with friends, and chatting, I would HIGHLY suggest you check out a Korean Soju Bar. I should do mini reviews for it…But I always forget to take pictures when I go! Anyway 2 of my friends and I met Saturday evening to meet up at SAKE ( I have never ordered sushi here, so I cannot speak about that. I go for the Combo drink and side food deals that they offer. What I love is that their service is quite decent, as they are all polite, and in all my times going, never received poor service. It is one of the things they do well. Also, they are generous with their service dishes. Basically free little dishes that they serve to their customers. I love that, as it shows their gratitude for selecting their place to drink and dine.


2 thoughts on “Last week on Instagram…

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by :)

      I wonder that as well actually. I mean our subway platforms are not in the best shape, so most ppl usually disregard them, choosing to focus on their trains instead. But they are rather interesting to look at, as it is a bit of that city around the station~ soooo I hope ppl do check them out :)

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