Korean Product Lemmings…

UPDATE Mar2413: Fellow Blogger has bought the Innis Free Tints and wrote about them HERE, check it out~

So in a little while, one of my friends will be traveling to Korea to attend her brothers wedding. Totally jealous she gets to go back to Korea, even if it is mostly for a family function. Anyway, having someone you know go back means…you can bug them with requests! And bug her I shall! (Sorry H lol)

I have a rough wishlist, but nothing was more exciting to me than the new tints released by a few of the Korean brands…

Innisfree recently released a bunch of new products. Amongst them I have my eye on two lip products…I hope you can see why…

(btw the links I will provide are in Korea, but pictures are worth more than words some times…sooo…hopefully with my little steps you can find the reviews that I am talking about and squeal with me when you see the pictures :))

Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge
Innisfree Vivid Tint Rouge2
First is the Vivid Tint Rouge. Basically their version of YSL or even Loreal Wet Lip Shine Tints.
About ~$10CAN for 5mL, they look…pretty freaking good. The reviews seem pretty decent for it as well.

Korean blogger has swatches of 3 of them, two of which are quite popular, another Korean blogger has her swatches HERE. You can see a few more pictures and products swatches by customers on the Innisfree Korea website HERE

Innisfree Creamy Tint Lipstick
Creamy Tint LipstickInnisfree
Second is the Creamy Tint Lipstick. Just…I have no words. Again the swatches are so vivid…but can be sheered out if necessary. Just…<3
You can see more pictures (a tad overly contrasted) but still pretty pictures of a Korean blogger HERE, another HERE, and another blogger HERE. You can see a few more pictures and product swatches by customers on the Innisfree Korea website HERE

I found THIS Korean blogger who swatched them all! Yay!

Skinfood released their Spring Collection recently…and the lip products caught my eye again. So BRIGHT!
Check out the Korean bloggers pictures HERE

Apieu Tint
Apieu tint2
Apieu had a bunch of tints already, but they recently added the Cream Tint to their lineup. A few of them are a bit of a let down, according to some of the reviews, but a few are raved about.Check out the Korean blogger’s swatches HERE. You can find them on the Apieu Korea website HERE, and if you scroll to the bottom, there are comments. If you click on the links with picture icons next to them, you will be able to see swatches posted by customers (like THIS, and THIS).

I also kind of want to try their Painting Tint. Blogger swatches HERE

Basically it will be tough to decide. Got to make sure I can keep myself under control with all the great goodies that have been released in Korea xD But whatever I get, I will share…then cry cause they aren’t readily available here lol


6 thoughts on “Korean Product Lemmings…

  1. I don’t know too much about Korean cosmetics but I do have a BB cream by Laneige. I like it, except I think the colour the lady picked out for me is a bit too light for my skin tone.

    I’d love it if you could do a post on your impressions of Korean cosmetics! There’s a few places in Toronto I’ve perused but never could decide on what to get.

    • Jessica,
      Oh man…there are times I wish I was living in Korea (if only I was offered a decent job :P)
      Then I could buy, use, review to my hearts content about Korean Products.
      At least now we have more options through Pacific Mall, but seeing as I am at the other end of the city, I don’t get a chance to go there very often.

      Anyway, if I get some products (especially once my friend goes back to Korea), I will for sure do a few posts :)

      Maybe I will try and go to Christie and check out the few stores that are left to buy cosmetics as well…just for research sake

      • There’s a couple of websites that I’ve perused and bookmarked for when I decide to buy or not. Some are:


        And of course, the stores at Pacific Mall or even at Galleria supermarket (Amore).

  2. Now I have some idea what to bring for ya lol. Maybe I will get few things for myself too… Like those tints u have posted! We should have another meet up soon so u can give me ur list & update me with new korean cometic stuff >.<

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