Recent eats…

I always take pictures, but never get around to posting them. In an effort to correct this, I will share a few I’ve gone to (somewhat) recently.

Gabby Pub
7059 Yonge St. Thornhill L3T 2A6
905-886-2561 review (there is only one)
Recent Eats...
Recent Eats...
Recent Eats...

This isn’t the same Gabby’s Pub you think. Not the chain. This is another place just a tad north of Yonge & Steeles. I went because a friend of mine said that the Donkatsu was quite talked about. That day, we got started off with a mushroom soup. A little bowl, but complimentary I think. It was decent, especially on a really cold day. Personally I loved the Cheese Donkatsu (approximately $9). Sandwiched in meat, it just oozed out when you cut in to it. Yum. The Dokbooki was spicy, but not soggy. Our table enjoyed it for sure. The lady kept checking in to ensure we had enough tea, I liked that. There are signs stating that they have live music on Friday and Saturday, but seeing as I didn’t go late enough, I didn’t get a chance to hear them. Still I think their drink menu (Korean Anju styles) was pretty decent. If more of my friends lived uptown, I think we would check it out for drinks.

Regency Restaurant
1423 Gerrard St E. Toronto M4L 1Z7
416-778-7366 reviews
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Recent Eats...

I met with my friend J for dinner. Since she works near Coxwell, we headed to Little India for some eats. We usually go to Lahore Tikka House, but decided to check out a buffet (it was that snowy day that shut down a lot of places in Toronto). Anyway, We went with Regency Restaurant. They have a buffet, and I believe it was $12 (or $13) for dinner. The food wasn’t too bad for a non native like me to eat. I did find that I disliked their Butter Chicken, but that is because it is sweetened to suit the taste of most non-natives. I stayed clear of it once I knew it was sweet. They had Pakora, but a little on the dry side, so you have to dip it with something. I also enjoyed their Achaar, super spicy but so good. My friend who is of Pakistani descent wasn’t a total fan of their meat dishes, but absolutely loved their vegetables, so if you are a fan of veggies, check them out (I actually stayed away from most of them so I can’t comment too much on it). While we were there, 3 separate families with children came in. They were all under 10, and seemed to love the food, so if you have kids, I think they will find it friendly to their tastebuds. The servers were nice, and informative, so that was good as well. Basically what saved my meal was that they had Gulab Jamun (a tad on the soggy side, but I still loved it).

Sushi Queen
204 West Queen St. Toronto M5V 1Z2
416-979-2288 reviews
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Before watching an advance screening of Snitch, I met with my friend MH at Sushi Queen to satisfy our sushi cravings. I ordered the Guma (the sushi with the green leaves on top) to share, and the CN Tower for myself. Though the rice was a little on the hard side, I still thought it was tasty enough. My friend ordered the Udon with Tempura, and I got to say that the Tempura was crunchy and good. Not oily, which is important. Though the female servers were nice, I found that one of the male servers were too entitled. I needed change, and set my bills for payment. My friend received her change, and I didn’t. I actually had to ask for my change, as the server assumed his tip. That is a HUGE no-no for me. NEVER assume what you think you deserve. Especially when you weren’t the one serving me. Anyway, price was okay, Guma was approximately $6, and the CN Tower was approximately $10.


Well hope that the weekend has treated you well. This day marks the end of my reading week (which is always too short!), so we will see how posts go. If you are watching the Oscars, hope you have fun, I will be watching the Mighty Ducks as I have this weird need to watch it lol (I had a crush on Coach Gordan…maybe that’s why…or I’m feeling nostalgic for my youth :P)


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