Last week on Instagram…

Happy Family Day!

I will be lounging about, rolling around in my bed…perhaps attempting to clean the house. We will see.

Anyway this is a look in to the last week of my life…

Lets see how #acv works towards my rebalance my skin
My face has been acting all sorts of crazy lately, cystic, inflamed, and pimples I want to pop. So I decided to crack down on my skin care again. I’m adding ACV in to the routine, to take internally, and will hopefully add Zinc soon as well.

What type of nails will you be sporting for #Valentines day? I can't decide if I should go red or #glitter it up
I wast thinking of glittering it for Valentines. But ended up having to cut them to nubs on Wednesday as I broke two nails -___- But this is what I probably would have done~

Mom tosses this at me. "Happy valentines day daughter" // 엄마...we could have bought this on Friday for half off! // -___- shut up and eat it cheap daughter of mine (sounds meaner in Korean lol)
Mom tosses this at me. “Happy valentines day daughter”
Me: 엄마…we could have bought this on Friday for half off!
Mom: -___- shut up and eat it cheap daughter of mine (sounds meaner in Korean lol)

Nothing quite says "Happy Valentines Day" like a 5kilo tub of #nutella unfortunately my mother did not agree lol
I wanted this tub of Nutella…but couldn’t get my mother to stop giving me the look of death. But 5kilos of Nutella?! Gross…but awesome

Just cause I'm boss like that...I may have started the day with #dufflet cake lol #vanillaraspberry from their sale at Norseman #readingweek
Dufflet had a sale on chocolate and cakes at their Norseman Headquaters. They have it once in awhile, and when they do I try to go. This time I got a Vanilla Raspberry Cakelet, and a Hazelnut cake. So good XD

#blueraspberrylemonade @ #jackastors #gno xD
I had a GNO with some of my HS girls on Friday. We met for drinks at Jack Astors Blue Raspberry Lemonade (pretty good), watched Silver Linings Playbook, and headed to Junko for a few more drinks and chats. Great night, despite the mini crash of it by a friend who brought her boy to the movie.

Back in High School, I had this really great Computer Technology teacher. Mr B. We first met when I asked him to allow me to sign up for his grade 10 class, despite not having the grade 9 prereq. I had told him I new the basic HTML, so I thought I could survive. He let me in. It was an interesting year, but I got to know him a lot more, as he was always willing to provide a listening ear to all his students, always provided an escape from the nastiness of highschool in his classroom during lunch time, and was always trying to get you to see the brighter side of things. I mean the some kids would play starcraft on our ghetto computers during lunch time. We even had a paperball fight in his room one year. We brought a bunch of newspapers, scrunched them up as fast as we could, and threw them at the opposite end (where the other team was). He would do silly things…like turning over a computer mouse, and point at it, “Look! A dead mouse!”. Anyway…I was really stressed out when my grandmother died in my final year, and he was always willing to talk to me. He was a great teacher. I did poorly in his class in grade 11, but he was great. Never judged me for doing badly. Anyway, since I was stressed over exams, he attached this to my assignment sheet for class.

I missed playing pool...
Went to play pool with the staff at our tutoring place. I haven’t played in such a long time and so it was tres fun. Especially cause we out our own spin to the game lol good times :)


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