A look into HL

I had credits from a canceled order from long ago, and a few referrals that I needed to use up, as HL told me they would expire at the end of December 2012.

However I found it impossible to find something I wanted to spend money on! You would think with all the brands that they offer, this wouldn’t really be a difficult thing to do -___-

Well, seeing as my choices were limited, I decided to get a few circle scarves for myself, and to give to a friend.

But the costs at checkout somewhat irked me.

Let me explain.
Each scarf was an extra $2 in surcharge.
HL order SS
HL order SS
HL order SS
HL order SS

I received my package in good time, as it shipped when they stated it would. When I finally did get my hands on the package…I realized that they made a mistake. They sent me one of the sheer jersey circle scarves, rather than the knit one. It was amusing to me on several levels. First it is VERY different in weight, so I don’t understand how the packer wouldn’t have noticed something was off. Second it wasn’t even offered in the sale that I had bought from. So I can only conclude that American Apparel was the one at fault…but who knows. I just know that I had to pay the extra few bucks for a scarf I didn’t want.

So of course I emailed them. I got a response just a little over 24 hours later.

The response was, things like this happen.
Thus send it back, and we will refund you.

I think I should have been refunded at least the few bucks for the change in the surcharge it created.

In the end though, I didn’t feel like doing it. I would have gotten a few bucks back in CREDITS, which wasn’t what I wanted anyway, as I really don’t know when my next order with them will be. Plus I didn’t want to spend the time to ship it back out to them. I figured I could gift it, or sell it. But it was a shame, as I had really wanted two navy ones, as my mother keeps trying to steal the one I currently use.

Anyway…do I think it is worth it? The site in general?
Well yes, and no. I think it is beneficial for Canadians to have a relative in the US that you can ship to. That would be the best, as you won’t have to pay the surcharge. What I did like was that my credits could be used towards shipping. So though I intended to ship to my cousin, I ended up skipping out on a scarf to have it shipped directly to me (I figured with the white circle scarves, I could dye them to my liking). I didn’t get hit by duty, as the surcharge is supposed to cover it, but I’m still not completely sure how I feel about that.

Have you bought from HL recently?
Do you keep going back?

2 thoughts on “A look into HL”

  1. I love that Hautelook has way better deals compared to Beyond the Rack, but all the additional fees kill the experience for me. I agree that it’s beneficial to Canadians only if you have relatives or friends in the US that you can ship to. Otherwise, it’s not worth it!

    1. Yes the extra fees >_< Definitely a pain. I saw another fun jewelery sale the other day…and wanted to buy…but seeing as my family only goes to the US about once a year, I didn't think I wanted to wait til the summer to receive it. So I passed again. I guess we just have to deal w BTR. Not as good, but at least we aren't paying too much for no reason~

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