Beautiful Creatures hits the theatres tomorrow…

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Toronto screening of Beautiful Creatures. I won tickets from Beauty Crazed, and was super excited.

Basically it is about a young woman who arrives to a small town, full of bible thumping…enthusiasts (okay…I am tempted to use the word “nuts”, as they were. Being Christian, it makes me cringe when I watch things that show how…extreme some people who label themselves as Christians can be. The thing is, it is so backwards when you come down to the basics of it. Not cool to think you are better than another in any way. Thus their views are not mine…). She is the niece of a man who seems to keep well to himself, and not really looked fondly upon by the other town members. As soon as she shows up, the whole school seems to dislike her immediately…except for Ethan. Of course, Ethan has fallen head over heels for her, even before meeting her in the flesh…and so we see a bit of romance happening. Okay…I’m not the best person to tell you about the main storyline. Watch the trailer and check out IMBD.

I actually had two papers due that week…and…I messed up my priorities, but hey…at least I enjoyed the movie!

First things first, I was under the impression that this was a YA movie, but really did enjoy watching it. There were cheesy lines, but they were funny, and I found that it really suited the movie. The main actors did their part well (in my view), and really seemed to help the story move along.

I did think that it was a tad longer than it needed to be, especially when the ending that it ended up with, however I came out of the movie theatre wanting to read the book. Thus I think it is safe to say that despite the length, and how they ended it, I enjoyed it.

I’d def watch this again over watching Safe Haven, even when factoring in seeing Josh on the big screen lol

Are you planning on seeing a movie for Valentines Day?

*I won tickets through a giveaway, and was not paid to write this post.
I merely wanted to share my experience*

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Creatures hits the theatres tomorrow…”

  1. I am getting the book from the library, wanted to read it first before seeing it. Good to hear that it wasn’t too bad lol I have something Beautiful Creature-related on the blog today too!

    1. I saw your post :)
      I was tempted,but the one we swatched at the movie theatre wasn’t all that good. But I saw Ande’s swatches and they looked amazing. I think so many ppl touched the palette that it went bad or somethin…but they were really pretty~

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