Attemping to restore my skin balance…

I’m convinced that my skin (face) is allergic to University of Toronto. I haven’t seen my face go this nuts since I first started here several years back. Seeing as it is a tad out of control (could be stress and possible adult acne…which I REALLY hope not…) I decided I need to do some damage control for my current outbreak, and to work on prevention.

The last time this had happened, I had checked out various acne forums. I had seen the word Sudocrem pop up a few times as a treatment of zinc that helped for some. I had thought of trying it out, but never actually did.

Then I remembered Procrastinating Pretty’s post on her skin saviours.

In highschool my brother had severe acne, and my mother started him on apple cider vinegar. I couldn’t stomach it then, so I didn’t participate in the routine (not that my mom made it any better. She would put her ACV in milk, which would curdle…and just gross me out. I can’t drink that texture…). However remembering that post by PP, I thought I would give it a go now. I went to Noah’s at Spadina Station to pick up a bottle of Bragg’s, but ended up going with Filsingers as they were out of stock of Braggs.

So currently…
this is my updated skin care routine to try and get my face to balance out.

Lets see how #acv works towards my rebalance my skin

– ACV 1 tablespoon twice a day, diluted in water (in an attempt to protect the teeth enamel)
– dabbing La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo on my inflamed breakouts
– Queen Helene Mint Julup masking once a week
– My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Masking twice a week
– using Lush Coal Face for my facial wash

Now, I have JUST started the ACV, so I can’t report anything back as of yet, but I’ll mention the others briefly.

I’ve been using Effaclar Duo for a few years now. I bought my first tubes from the Loreal Sale. I find that when I dab it on, it helps to reduce the bump. It does burn a bit, and there is skin dryness, but I’ll take that especially if it means decreasing the time I need to deal with these mood killers.

Mint Julep is for trying to detox the face. Again this can be too strong for some, so a word of caution on that.

MBD mask in Black Pearl helps to lighten scaring. I noticed this when I had residual scaring from acne before, along my cheek. So it is a sheet mask I do go back to.

Finally Luch Coal Face. One of the cult favourites, I find that it isn’t overly harsh, and helps with the lesser pimples that plague my face.

I need to look in to zinc supplements…should have bought them when SDM had their BOGO sale >_<

As I am always on the look out for new things to try out, is there anything you would suggest?


2 thoughts on “Attemping to restore my skin balance…

  1. Thanks for the shoutout! I tried the Effaclar Duo, but I don’t think it worked that well on me…but I had terrible, TERRIBLE cystic acne at the time, so maybe that was the problem. I should give it another shot!

    • omg cystic acne is the worst. I had two this week that just by washing my face. it was horrible. I would prefer the ones you could pop (guilty habit). Anyway, yes I found that even in that case, it helped just a little. They don’t heal as well to start off with, but I feel like it helps for those. It does work better for the ones that should be poppable. Thus helps me to keep my hands off my face.

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