It’s that time of year again… <3

What shall I do with the nails for Valentines…Not too sure. But here are a few colours that I wanted to share.

First Up is American Apparel Nail Polish in Lipstick
Valentines 2013
Valentines 2013
I added a NOPI glitter on the accent nail. Anyway, this is a gorgeous red nail polish. Definitely something to look in to, though it does stain the skin when removing.

Second, we have a pink glitter gradient.
Valentines 2013
Valentines 2013
Valentines 2013
Valentines 2013
Sally Hansen HD Byte
China Glaze Innocence
Sally Hansen Xtreme Strobe Light
Wet n Wild Sparked
China Glaze Fairy Dust

I applied Byte a little messily about a 1/3 of the nail. Then I applied Innocence over, which helped smooth out the rough edges of Byte, and give it a more gradient look. I applied Strobe Light to half of the nail, then applied Sparked to the tip. I finished it off by applying a coat of Fairy Dust to the entire nail.

Finally…Revlon Ruby Ribbon
Valentines 2013
This is a matte polish, but I applied a top coat…
Valentines 2013
Valentines 2013
This was a Christmas LE colour, but I found it at a Revlon sale that was held at the International Centre in Mississauga. Applies quite decently, though not a full matte. More of a shiner matte polish. It has subtle shimmer in it that doesn’t really show up until you apply a top coat. It isn’t a deep red, but a nice colour to wear as well.


Just a few colours I scrounged up. If I were to go all pretty lipped, I’d pick one of these. Seeing as I am just in classes the whole day, I think I probably won’t. I might contemplate the stained lip though.
Vasanti Denmark
Revlon Colorburst Ruby
NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil Deep Red
The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain

If you want something kiss proof, you wanna go for stains, or at least a good lip sealer. Also might want to dab a bit of UDPP on the lips before the application of the colour to make it last longer.

Is there a particular colour you will be wearing this Valentines Day? Or an anti-Valentines Day colour? Let me know :)

2 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again… <3”

  1. Great trick to the eyes on the gradient mani. I might have to copy this, but will have to find an alternative to Innocence, hmm…

    1. any polish on the sheer side will work :) but then again I don’t really have man sheer ones. Its innocence and ballet slippers from essie…

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