The last week on Instagram…

There wasn’t really much…

My #BOGO haul from #SDM thanks to a GC that I received from @javz_ I didn't feel too guilty xD
I bought some lip stuff from the BOGO sale that SDM was having. Since I love stains I knew I had to pick up the Loreal ones. So far I’m liking it. Can be a tad sticky if you put on too much, but still for the price I paid for, pretty good. I was tempted to pick up another Royale from Annabelle, but stuck with trying two new colours

It's like a #cloud blanket was pulled across...#nofilter#toronto
I was DT on Wednesday to watch the Beautiful Creatures Premier…but wanted a Whopper. So I made a small stop at Spadina. I looked up on my walk down and saw this…such a beautiful sight. Seriously looked like a thick cloud blanket was pulled across part of the sky… times
I went to visit my friend at Coxwell, just so I could drag her down to eat some yummy food. We decided to check out Regency this time around, so we could have their buffet. Was…interesting. Maybe I’ll do a post on it later.

#tradesecrets haul~
Trade Secrets is having a BOGO on their discontinued/clearance OPI ZOYA and Essie polishes. I picked up these ladies, Eiffel for this Color, Brights Power, I’m so Tex-y (I thought it was ‘text-y’ -__-), and Reva.


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