Do you prefer scented body wash?



I got these guys from a Klout perk, and am JUST getting through my second bottle of this stuff (which I started using in the spring). Because I don’t need a lot (really a loonie sized circular squirt) is more than enough.

Anyway, it has beads that you can’t feel…as they burst apparently…






The scent doesn’t last long after the shower (or maybe I just don’t notice it), but I love that it makes the bathroom smell lovely while I continue my routine of getting ready.

Because I had these guys, I haven’t actually made an effort to find them in stores…so I don’t know if they are still available, but I would consider getting another bottle just for the scent.

Do you use a scented body wash? Suggestions?


*I received this as part of a Klout perk. Though the product was free, I was not obligated to write about it, or was paid for the blog post.*


2 thoughts on “Do you prefer scented body wash?

    • I never used to be a fan…but the smell has made me a convert! I didn’t find that the Dove wash was as bubbly as Id have liked, but Dove Sensitive bar soaps are my usual soaps.

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