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Added artist #hellokitty to the collection of #mcdonalds#happymeal toys now just need the nerd & the baker! xD let the hunt begin @watercoloursky (thanks @rubanxrose for the heads up!)
McDonalds has the Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys out again. I picked up the artist, but looking for the Studious Hello Kitty, and Hello Kitty the Baker

I know u aren't really chocolate, but oh how I love #whitechocolate even better cause it was free! #rockymountain#candyapple#sweettooth
If you buy from Rocky Mountain, check out their card. You can get a birthday gift of chocolate every year, and can earn cash balances as well to use towards future purchases. I love their Candy Apple, so I picked one up as well.

At the #hardcandys13 @hereshard (@jennmua)
I had an opportunity to check out the Hard Candy Spring Preview with Jenn. Twas interesting times~

The touch up makeup station~ @hereshardcandy #hardcandys13
The makeup touch up station at the Hard Candy Event

#americanapparel polish I picked up using the buytopia coupon
I bought the American Apparel Buytopia coupons, but seeing as they expired the end of January, I needed to put them to use. I picked up random things to try out. Just a heads up though, the Neons are not big 3 free. It contains formaldehyde. Did not know until I got home.

Rawr #buttertart get in my bel-leh!!
After writing my essay, I headed off to Mandarin. I celebrating with two friends~ I love their butter tarts, as you can see…

Oh #hellokitty I need to be more studious like you haha...#mcdonalds#happymeal#bookworm
I ended the week as I started…by collection another McDonalds Happy Meal Hello Kitty!
Plus I don’t do anything other than tutor for 8 hours so…not really an eventful day. Anyway I just need Baker and my lemmings will be complete :)

Have a great Monday all~

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