Hard Candy Spring Launch Party

UPDATE 2: I have teaser swatchsicles HERE
UPDATE: please go to Spiced Beauty for pricing some US pricing. She also has more info about some products, and pictures that weren’t taken on my iPhone 4

At the #hardcandys13 @hereshard (@jennmua)
Held at the 850 Richmond, it was an interesting venue. Originally an auto body shop.

Anyway, I got to attend the Spring 13 Launch party for Hardy Candy. I was Jenn’s (Spiced Beauty) +1 xD

I was super excited as I don’t get to go to many blog events like this, and well it was partly makeup. How could I say no?

Hard Candy Toronto Preview

We got to the place just a little after 5:30, and they were still setting up certain areas. They had a bar area, with their featured whiskey sour drink, and other individuals who were walking about with platters of white and red wine.

So what was the big deal about this event?

Many weeks ago Hard Candy announced that they would be discontinuing a rather large portion of their current cosmetics line. Seeing as I don’t follow them on FB I heard about it through Sparkled Beauty’s Post.

I have a few of their polishes, and their Fox in a Box.

So in terms of that, I was excited to see what they would have for the new line to replace all those products.

Hard Candy Toronto Preview

The highlight was supposed to be their clothing line, but seeing as I am nowhere near my teens, the clothes didn’t fully appeal to me. However I did like their heart sequin sweaters that a lot of the ladies were wearing, (I got a grey star sequin sweater in my gift bag). Most of the stuff was rather bright, teen-ish, and well there was mesh. So…not in my age range, but looked comfy.

It was the cosmetics that caught my eye.

First off, I think for the most part that things will be quite interesting.

The highlight of the cosmetics was the new nail polish line.

Hard Candy Toronto Preview

Now, as you can see, they have decided to kick the old bottle and ring design to the curb. I was quite saddened by this. Not that the rings were any good, as they were too tiny for me, but just because it was iconic to the old pre-bankruptcy Hard Candy line. I remember wanting to steal my cousins bottles of Hard Candy polish, but seeing as I couldn’t, I’d beg her to polish my nails for me. I would drool over them every time I saw them in Teen, Seventeen, or YM. Oh those were the days.

But, I gotta get over it, as the new line looks awesome!

Hard Candy Toronto Preview

Separated in to 5 different categories we have:
– Crushed Chromes
– Itsy Glitzy
– Crystal Confetti
– Glitteratzi
– Candy Sprinkles

Hard Candy Toronto Preview
Hard Candy Toronto Preview
Hard Candy Toronto Preview
Hard Candy Toronto Preview
Hard Candy Toronto Preview

Such a large collection of polishes! You can spot some that are similar to other recent releases from other brands, or just ideas that they decided to run with as well. I wasn’t a huge fan of the sprinkle idea, but when I tried it out…well let us just say that it has since grown on me. In addition, I love that there are so many colours! Unfortunately this isn’t a collection for the individual who just wanted plain old cremes. Not sure if they will have any, as I couldn’t ask this question, but if this display was any notification, doesn’t seem so.

The second product I was SUPER excited about, was their new lip product, the All Glossed Up pencil. I love a good lip crayon.

Hard Candy Toronto Preview

There will be 8 colours. Or so I think. It was hard to overhear the conversation at times.

Hard Candy Toronto Preview
There will also be bath products. Bubble Bath, shower gels, shimmer mists etc

Hard Candy Toronto Preview
What’s inside a Hard Candy makeup artist’s case

Hard Candy Toronto Preview

Hard Candy Toronto Preview
The new pigment duo’s, modeled by Jenn and her lovely nails

Hard Candy Toronto Preview
The presentation around the nail polish centre piece was done well

Hard Candy Toronto Preview
There is already an Eye Def, but this is Lip Def. Packed with a ton of shimmer, and looks ultra glossy.

Hard Candy Toronto Preview
Another random shot

Hard Candy Toronto Preview
I love when brand workers, despite being all dressed up, will swatch things for you. It was great to see how the products would look, and see first hand the shimmer and shine they were talking about.

Hard Candy Toronto Preview
And finally…
One of the other great parts of this event (other than the awesome DJ who played such a fun collection of hits from the 90s), was the Candy Bar xD If I ever get married, I will make SURE that I have a candy bar for my guests :P

Anyway I did get some goods (mostly nailpolish) that I hope to share soon^^

33 thoughts on “Hard Candy Spring Launch Party”

  1. oh my gosh! you are so lucky to have been able to attend these events ^^ it sounds like a lot of fun and I’m so envious. Thanks for the product shots! Did you see their CC creams by any chance?

    1. I don’t believe I saw their CC creams at all. It was an interesting table as they were discontinuing some of the stuff that was on the table, but it was mixed in with the new stuff.

      I was lucky to know someone who thought of me as their +1 quite thankful for that~

      1. Thank you the candy sprinkles intruige me too….About time for a road trip no one in my city carries them yet.

        1. I was under the impression that they will be released in march, but I know a few other blogs I briefly checked out, mentioned February dates.

          As I was just a guest of the intended invitee, I didnt get official info so can’t say for sure.

          Either way if u are in the US you might get them sooner~

  2. I want ALL of GLITTERATZI!!!!!!!
    OhemGee so freaking awesome looking!
    Did they tell you when they will be released in Canada? Or the price of the polishes???
    Thanks for sharing about the event! Can’t wait to see what you got

    1. Well I heard that they were to release in March, however when I check out other blog posts on the event, I see that they mention it should be released in February. So I cannot be sure. As I went as a +1 I didn’t receive product information, so I don’t know the cost of products as well. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help

  3. I got the Clinique chubby stick. Money well spent but I will be looking in to this one as well. Cheaper alternatives are always good. Means I can spend more on them haha

  4. Bath stuff?!
    Hahaha I guess they are really branching out if they are doing clothing and bath things. Did you get a lot of polish? I cannot wait to see which ones you got

    1. Hi~
      I do agree w you, I will really miss their ring bottles. Maybe they will surprise us and feature holiday or LE kits w them *fingers crossed*

  5. Such a great party. So glad you got to check everything out before it is in stores. I just saw a bit of the clothing the other day in my walmart. I cannot wait to check out those fat lip pencils and polishes

    1. The lip pencils aren’t as pigmented as the Revlon Kissables, but I like the glossy effect it has~
      I didn’t realize the clothing was already out! I wanna see how the pricing is, as I didn’t get a chance to ask about that.
      Thanks for letting me know Jill~

    1. Ill reply on your blog as well but Hard Candy is sold exclusively at Walmart stores (YMMV), and I have heard mid February dates through around, but I cannot be sure of that. I have emailed them, but have yet to get an answer back. Try tweeting them if anything~
      And I do agree~ they looks great :) (and are for the most part!)

  6. Ooooommggeeee!!!

    These type of indie/ Franken glitter nail polishes r the babies that i’ve been waiting for in the Drug Store…sss but I haven’t seen them yet in cali :/

    1. Hi Ellie, thanks for dropping by :) HC has pictures on their fb page if you want to check them out, but I totally agree with you.
      I was itching for brands to branch out and try something a little more different, and I’m glad that HC did.

      Anyway, hope that they get released in the US soon so that you can check them out for yourself :)

    1. I went to the event as a guest, so I actually have no concrete information about what I saw. I tried emailing them but didn’t get a reply. So what I tell you is what I can find from their fb page responses to other posts that people have asked them…

      It seems as though the makeup line and polish will be on a rotational basis. So when they are released, they will stick around to September. It seems they will reassess then what works, what they want to introduce, and what they want to remove. I like that idea, but at the same time I think I will panic, as I really REALLY like the new lip crayon All Glossed Up. Anyway I hope this helps :)

  7. Woooow I just saw you hard candy swatches and I luv the sprinkles collection but due to my nail polish collection I’m only gonna have to take 2 or 1

    Party central
    Or black tie…something
    He, he, he. Did you got that nail polish?

    1. I wasn’t able to get Black Tied! It was all gone by the time I was able to get my bag to put things in T___T
      but it did look lovely~^^

      So you are a nail polish collector as well! Well the prices are supposed to be decent, so a few wouldn’t hurt. But then again…it starts with one…and that is enough to pave the way for more…lol

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